The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 411 - Tomb of The God of Sin

Chapter 411 Tomb of The God of Sin

Li Mu was deeply astonished.

It felt like an ordinary schoolboy he knew all along had solved the Goldbach Conjecture. What was going on? It was not long since Qing Feng started studying Taoist refining art and alchemy. But by then, he was already able to refine Taoist instruments?

Li Mu held the silver pellet in his hand and injected a ray of spiritual force in it. Immediately he saw the inside of the pellet. There was a small space, like a case for storing swords. Indeed, a hundred and eight long broadswords in different shapes were lying in it. The blades were all lanky and streamlined. And the one thing they all had in common was that the broadswords had no handles, only the shining blades.

“Nice broadswords!”

With a stir of his mind, a long broadsword was drawn out and appeared in front of him.

The layers of silver glow on the blade gleamed like moon-lit flowing water. And a curious sharpness swept straight toward him.

Li Mu even started drooling at sight of the magnificent broadsword.

“This is indeed a nice broadsword!”

It was forged with Star Stones, most suitable for running the circulation of the natural qi. If put it through quick refining with his own natural qi, Li Mu would be able to control it freely. As the broadsword had no handle, it was most fitting to perform the Broadsword-commanding Skill. The blade was as thin as a sheet of paper. It could cleave the air with a subtle swish, causing the transparent airflow to dive in opposite directions like sea waves.

And in light of the style and material alone, the grade of that broadsword was even above the Samsara Knife.

After all, the Samsara Knife was forged with a hodgepodge of various materials.

After refining the Broadsword Pellet, Li Mu instantly sensed a strange connection between him and the pellet had formed.

He then concentrated on driving it with his Broadsword-commanding Skill.

Swish! Swoosh! Swish!

The 108 long broadswords zoomed out of the Broadsword Pellet. They broke through the void, soared straight into the sky, sending off profuse killing intent every time the blades brandished. The 108 shots of light flickered in the sky. The farthest was more than 500 kilometers away, while the nearest was near at hand. And Li Mu could control each of them at his will.

The reactions those broadswords took was as swift and accurate as the Samsara Knife did.

To be noted, the Samsara Knife was created from scratch and went through long-term refining before it got from the lower grade to the higher.

Honestly, at that moment, Li Mu felt it was not real.

“It turns out that I really have no future in the field of instruments refining? I’ve studied the subject for more than a year, but my skill is still less than the little Qing Feng’s? And I used to be complacent about my expertise of instrument refining, didn’t I?”

“Young Master, do you like those broadswords?” Qing Feng gazed at Li Mu, eager to get some advice for improvement.”

Nodding feverishly, Li Mu praised, “Yes. Your skill has outstripped mine.”

There was truly nothing to complain about the broadswords.

“Should I just throw the Samsara Knife away?

Or give it to Qing Feng to refine again and convert it into another broadsword?”

At Li Mu’s praise, Qing Feng immediately smiled from ear to ear. Although he was a calm young man who rarely expressed his emotions, this time he finally showed that he could feel excitement like his peers, as though he had turned into a pupil who was just praised by his teacher after obtaining full marks in an exam through his hard work.

After all, in the view of Qing Feng, Li Mu was not only his master but his idol.

“I’ve also refined some other things for you, Young Master.” Then, as if presenting precious treasures, Qing Feng handed Li Mu boots, trousers, robes, belts, hair bands and so on. It felt like he had just fetched a whole tailor store there.

“Those are all made with Star Stones?” Li Mu exclaimed, completely stunned.

Qing Feng had refined the metal into something similar to cloth. It was so… Well, Li Mu once again went flabbergasted, for he himself definitely could not achieve that.

Qing Feng nodded and said, “The major material I used is Star Stones. I melted them into threads, then, carved Taoist magic deployments on them to make them soft and flexible, conductive of natural qi. Next, I netted clothes with those threads. The theory is quite simple, but the procedures are rather complicated, especially when carving the deployments. Since I need to plant multiple kinds of deployments on the metal threads, I must make sure that the various Taoist magic deployments would not incur a conflict of the primordial energy…”

Hearing that, Li Mu immediately felt he was having a headache.

“It sounds so complex!”

“Just like doing a chemistry experiment, right?”

Although Li Mu was a straight-A student in junior high, he only studied for getting high scores in exams and never thought about applying the knowledge he gained from books to real life.

Without hesitation, Li Mu tried on those clothes. All of them were well fit, very comfortable and breathable… Well, why did it sound like an advertisement slogan?

“But, Brother Qing Feng, didn’t you say you would never forge weapons? Why making the Broadsword Pellet for Young Master?” Ming Yue, who was a little dull-witted, thought of the words Qing Feng had told her before.

Qing Feng said, “I forge weapons only for Young Master.”

“Yeah,” Ming Yue nodded as if it was a given and said, “that explains it.”

Even though no one knew based on what logic she drew that conclusion.

After that, Li Mu decisively passed on all the knowledge of alchemy, Taoist refining methods, and instruments refining he had to Qing Feng without reservation. And he gave Qing Feng all the secret manuals he had, too.

Originally, he expected Qing Feng to learn the art step by step. But to his amazement, the kid was a super quick learner. He already skipped several grades and mastered advanced skills. Thus, Li Mu felt he’d better leave all the study materials to Qing Feng and give him the chance to be a self-taught expert in the refining field.

He also had a feeling that he probably would have nothing more to teach the kid soon.

Even so, he felt quite good about it.

It was like having an exclusive genius build equipment for him when playing online games… That was definitely a VIP privilege!

In a minute, a ton of various exclusive equipment was plastered onto Li Mu’s body.

Given Qing Feng’s current competence, the Broadsword Pellet he created was the highest-graded work, which was an initial Taoist instrument. As to the clothes and wearables, they were just spiritual articles. But at least Li Mu no longer needed to worry about having to go naked when all his clothes were torn up in a fight.

After getting some feedback from Li Mu, Qing Feng quickly returned to the alchemy laboratory to continue his studies in high spirits. Li Mu could tell that he was really into that field and enjoyed working on it.

Afterward, Li Mu told Ming Yue that he was planning to employ the Beggar Gang to track down Yue Guoxiang, a disciple of the Tianyi Palace, and find out the plans of the other aliens who might also land on that planet.

“That’s easy. I, the Grand Master of Beggar Gang, will ask someone to see to it right away.” Ming Yue promised as she patted her chest with confidence.

Then, the cute girl whistled quite offhandedly.

“Pay our respects to Grand Master.”

“Grand Master, please tell us what we can do for you.”

Two Celestial Beings of the Beggar Gang who were stationed outside dashed in. The man was called Gao Qiu, the woman Gao Shou. They were brother and sister. The two were remarkably talented, and both were top experts in the Beggar Gang.

When they came to the yard to see the little girl named Ming Yue, they both adopted a very humble and respectful demeanor.

They were Ming Yue’s personal guards. The Beggar Gang had sent them to protect their Grand Master at all hours.

As if deliberating showing off her power, Ming Yue haughtily asked the two guards about this and that before giving them the task. Gao Shou answered, “Grand Master, rest assured. This kind of thing is in the field of we Beggar Gang’s expertise.”

Li Mu added, “Do take this seriously. The aliens landing on this planet have horrible strength. They are nearly as powerful as Sages. Once they notice what you are doing, they will probably kill you.”

“Sage Li, don’t worry. We Beggar Gang have our own ways of tracking down targets. I believe you will soon hear from us.” The young man named Gao Qiu said with a reassuring smile.

At that reply, Li Mu felt no need to give them more instructions.

After brooding for a few moments, Li Mu spoke again. “Having lived in the Northern Song for such a long while. I’m wondering how the Western Qin is doing. Buddy, please fish the relevant information for me, especially the information about the Great Moon Empire and Taibai Mountain.”

“Sure, Sage Li. By this hour tomorrow, you will hear our report,” Gao Qiu said with assurance.

Li Mu thanked them before going back to his secret chamber to continue the closed-door training.

But to be honest, it was more of an interrogation against the devil called Black Smoke.

Being sealed in the jade, Black Smoke kept his lips zipped. Li Mu had pressed him to answer his questions several times before he began the closed-door training but failed completely.

“I’ll give you one last chance. If you don’t give me answers, I will send you to hell. My patience is running out.” Li Mu took the black flame out of the jade and said calmly.

“I won’t tell you anything even if you kill me.” Black Smoke insisted to play tough.

Li Mu deliberated it for a while and said, “Then, you shall face your doom.”

He would not let any worthless captive keep breathing.

As Black Smoke had killed Divine Beggar, he should have been killed in the first place.

A ball of orange fire rose from Li Mu’s palm and swiftly wrapped up the black flames. Then, the foul odor of the burnt corpse came out with a sizzling sound, as though Li Mu was roasting a dead body. Soon, Black Smoke started squeaking like mad.

“Wait for a second! Stop it…” The devil begged for mercy.

Li Mu, however, did not slow down but moved for the kill.

“No, no, no! Let’s solve this amicably. I’ll give you the answers.” Black Smoke began to have a panic attack. He knew Li Mu only wanted to get the information in the previous interrogations. But this time, he felt that Li Mu was determined to kill him.

Yet, Li Mu chose not to give him a second chance.

The orange Emperors’ Fire swallowed the black flames and burnt it away thoroughly.

Li Mu thought that was the end of Black Smoke. But to his surprise, visions that looked like clips of films flashed dimly in the black mist. It was Black Smoke’s spirits. Those clips already lost their owner, but they still carried some memories of the devil.


Li Mu wrapped the clips up with his spiritual force and then browsed them.

Slowly, his face took a look of joy.

“So, this is it.”

He learned a lot from the visions. And the most crucial thing was that he found out that the Tianyi Palace and the Blood Sea were all great factions from a place called the Brilliance Immortal Galaxy in outer space. And technically, the planet they called the Sinned Star, which was the planet Li Mu was living on, was also in the Brilliance Immortal Galaxy.

Moreover, in addition to the Tianyi Palace and the Blood Sea, many other factions in the Brilliance Immortal Galaxy were selecting representatives to descend on that planet, such as the Heavenly Demon Sect and the Ghosts Rally. According to Black Smoke’s memories, members of the two factions once descended on that planet a thousand years ago. Now, perhaps they had sent their members there again. And numerous other factions must have done the same thing as well.

It was just that the planet had been protected by the tactical deployments set by some sinners a thousand years ago. Adding that the aura of the planet repelled aliens, exceedingly powerful practitioners in the universe could not pass the deployments and get into that world. If they tried that by force, they would be smashed by the deployments, leaving no bodies or spirits behind.

Only those in or beneath the Void-breaking Realm could land on that planet.

Therefore, all the major factions in the universe hurried to pick the talents from their third or fourth generation and send them to the planet at a huge cost.

The reason why they all scrambled to land on that planet regardless of the price was because of a prophecy made a thousand years ago. The prophecy said a secret treasure place on that planet, which was called the Tomb of the God of Sin, was about to open.

The tomb hid a load of treasures that all the factions in the Brilliance Immortal Galaxy would be dying to have.

And it was said that the one who owned the treasures could own the entire Brilliance Immortal Galaxy.