The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 400 - The Outfit Made of Human Skin

Chapter 400 The Outfit Made of Human Skin

Li Mu was flabbergasted.

What Ming Yue had grasped was the knowledge of the Great Way instead of the martial arts in that world! A moment ago, She said she was the successor of that old beggar named Zuo Luyi. Could Zuo Luyi come from the outer space?

Otherwise, how could he have taught her the Great Way?

As to the members of the Beggar Gang, though they did not quite understand what kind of art the white lotus floating behind Ming Yue was, they were all stupefied to see the fair-complexioned Liang Zhi lost so soon.

During the past half a year, Liang Zhi had risen to power at an amazing speed. Apart from the help of Divine Beggar, Grand Master of the Beggar Gang, a major reason for his quick promotion was his excellent strength and cultivation. He had instilled all he had learned into that folding fan. Up to that day, he had never lost to anyone. Every time he battled someone, he crushed the opponent in seconds, so few could tell how powerful he really was. His combat ability was sure above Li Yuntao’s. For that reason, many people had held him in awe.

Yet, to everyone’s astonishment, at that night, Liang Zhi was defeated by a little girl who came out from nowhere!

Those perceptive martial arts experts also noted that the reason why Liang Zhi managed to put up the one-hour-long fight was that Ming Yue started with sounding out his powers. If she had launched the white lotus at the beginning, perhaps Liang Zhi would not be able to last for more than seconds.

A winner had come out from the battle.

Ming Yue had won. As they had all agreed, she would be the next Grand Master of the Beggar Gang.

But many members of the Beggar Gang looked at one another in glaring reluctance.

“Are we really going to let a teenage girl take over the largest gang in the Northern Song? That sounds funny. Anyway, by the tone that girl took just now, she seems to be quite flighty!”

Liang Zhi looked as though he could kill someone.

He felt that the position of Grand Master he thought was already in his bag suddenly jumped out into another person’s pocket.

Although he was rather unresigned to accept that result, his heart was fluttering with fear.

Because after the opponent cast that picture of the Great Way, every slightest move of the lotus leaves brought along overwhelming qi of the Great Way. Liang Zhi was absolutely certain that if he had retreated a second late, he would already be cut in two like his folding fan before being ground into bits.

“What do you say?” Ming Yue gazed at Divine Beggar, smiling.

Sun Changfeng the Shadowless Roamer and Guo Bu’er the Miraculous Fist turned around to stare at Divine Beggar as well.

Divine Beggar’s expression altered several times, but in the end, he sighed in resignation, and said with a wry smile, “Now that Ming Yue has won the battle, from now on, the Grand Master of our Beggar Gang is Ming Yue. I was just wondering what kind of plans Ming Yue has for running the Beggar Gang and tackling our enemy, the Bloody-moon faction.”

As if it was only right and proper, Ming Yue said, “My answer to that is one word—kill. Anyone disobedient, kill. Anyone opposes me, kill. Anyone goes against me, kill. As to the Blood Moon Gang, I’ll kill them all!”

“…” Divine Beggar was speechless.

“…” Sun Changfeng and Guo Bu’er were speechless too.

“Isn’t her killing intent too strong?”

The more than 10,000 experts of the Beggar Gang around the stone stage were all astounded. “The vision of our new Grand Master is that simple and primitive?”

“But if we all take out the entire Bloody-moon faction, then… Well, the thought alone thrills me already!”

Among the dazed crowd, only Li Mu and Qing Feng were striving to stifle their laughter. “Yes, indeed, that’s Ming Yue’s style! She finally showed her dorky, silly, muddled side. No doubt that’s her own self!”

“Great. Such being the case, I announce that from this moment on, the Grand Master of our Beggar Gang is Miss. Ming Yue. Here is the authenticating object of our gang. Please take it.” Smiling noncommittally, Divine Beggar backhandedly pulled out the bamboo stick that had been stuck on the stage and activated a certain secret method. Then, the outside layer of that stick peeled off, revealing a crystal clear green-jade cane. It was merely as wide as a finger, over one meter long. Its surface presented some natural but bizarre patterns, as though someone had branded some incredible Taoist Patterns on it. Faint Taoist Sense was fluttering around it. Clearly, the cane was a quite wondrous treasure.

Li Mu was stunned after taking a peek at it from a distance.

“Is it the Dog-beating Stick as in the novel The Semi-gods and the Semi-devils?

No way! If that stick is also called Dog-beating Stick, that’s too coincidental!”

Grinning, Ming Yue took over the stick. She flicked her wrist, which looked as though a wiggling green snake had produced numerous shadows. The air on the other end of the stick instantly caved in. Lights seemed to have been distorted. Then, a clap of thunder broke out. But since the stick was extremely flexible and resilient, it did not snap.

Ming Yue exclaimed, “Whoa, it’s pretty tough. Is this the Divine Stick of Nature the darned Zuo Luyi told me?”

Apparently, the girl just gave a shot to snap the stick with a flick of her wrist.

“Holy cow!”

Li Mu almost squirted a mouthful of blood down the stage.

“Natural Divine Stick?

“That name… though not exactly the same with the Dog-beating Stick, is pretty startling, too!

“Is it because the guys in the Beggar Gang are not well-educated that they named the stick so wildly?”

Divine Beggar nodded. “Yes. This is the Divine Stick of Nature that represents the supreme authority of our gang. Now, it is yours. The whole Beggar Gang is yours, too. I hope you can lead our Beggar Gang to a promising future. I…” As he uttered those words, his face became increasingly paler. A tinge of lifeless grey surfaced on his cheeks. Obviously, the injuries he had suffered were no longer containable. He was breathing his last breath!

At that, the eyes of Sun Changfeng the Shadowless Roamer and Guo Bu’er the Miraculous Fist took on a hint of suspicion. “Has the lunatic Zuo Luyi made all the things up?”

The two grand elders were a little moved despite themselves.

After all, during Divine Beggar’s governance that spanned several centuries, he had made great contributions to the Beggar Gang. The two had witnessed Divine Beggar took over the Beggar Gang, so they did feel for him at that sight.

The ceremony of Ming Yue being crowned the Grand Master went much smoother.

Divine Beggar willed himself to watch the entire inauguration ceremony. The other members of the Beggar Gang also accepted the fact that Ming Yue was going to be their Grand Master. Although the girl appeared to be unreliable, she had one strongpoint—she was a really outstanding fighter! Now that even Liang Zhi was not her equal, if the Beggar Gang ever came across its enemies again, it would be more confident in its combating force. And the task of taking on the Bloody-moon faction became more achievable, too.

Not to mention that the new Grand Master was rather brutal. All she talked about was fighting and killing. She was almost Devil herself.

Seeing the two grand elders and the old Grand Master all concurred, Liang Zhi quietly stepped to the edge of the stage. He thought he’d better resign to his fate, for no one else raised any objection. At least, having a leader was better than having none.

Even so, many experts of the Beggar Gang still felt what happened on that day was a bit too dramatic.

“You two grand elders, I’m ready to go. In the future, please do your best to help Ming Yue promote our Beggar Gang. After all, the girl seems to be quite mischievous…” As if finally relieved, Divine Beggar struggled to his feet, bowed to the two grand elders, while saying his last words in a shaky whisper.

At that sight, Guo Bu’er and Sun Changfeng, the two Sages, all sighed with sympathy and hurried over to support him.

However, at that precise second, Divine Beggar abruptly launched an attack!

His fists punched into the chests of the two grand elders at the speed of lightning. Then, the Divine Beggar breathing his last breath suddenly became strong and full of life. His aura surged like waves, his vigor abundant as the sea. Dreadful force burst out from his fists and bombarded into Sun Changfeng and Guo Bu’er…


“Da*n it!”

The two grand elders were maimed in a trice, both of who spilled blood from their mouths.

But the two were old hands in the Sage Realm. How experienced they were in combating! So, almost in no time, they reacted simultaneously. The Shadowless Roamer flung a hand toward the sky, and a jet of light shot out and exploded over the head of Divine Beggar. Meanwhile, the Miraculous Fist planed his fist seal right into Divine Beggar’s chest…

The three were instantly thrown by the counterforce to several kilometers away.

Blood splashed across the sky.

Almost at the same time, Liang Zhi, who had stood in silence as if already resigned to his fate, turned into a devilish figure. Two swords slid out from his palms and swooped down on Ming Yue. Liang Zhi’s attack occurred nearly at the same time Divine Beggar attacked the two grand elders.

“Humph, want to trick me?” Ming Yue taunted, still grinning. The power in the two silver bracelets on her wrists was switched on automatically. In an instant, two shots of silver light surrounded her. Layers of silver light swirled, blocking out all the strikes Liang Zhi launched, with only that she was sent flying a dozen meters by the counterforce and landed on the ground with little grace.

All that happened as swift as a sudden clap of thunder which left people no time for covering their ears.

All those experts of the Beggar Gang went dumbstruck.

“What’s happening?”

“Hahaha… Now that Plan A has ceased to operate, here comes in Plan B. From now on, there will be no Beggar Gang in the Northern Song!” Divine Beggar cackled fiercely.

He fell on the ground and stumbled. The silver sword stabbed in his forehead pierced through his head and stuck out of the back of his head. Wisps of blood drizzled out. His chest also caved in. His left thorax was penetrated, exposing his white bones. That was the result of the quick counterattack Sun Changfeng and Guo Bu’er reflexively launched. But Divine Beggar’s vigor was still thriving, as though he had not been hurt at all.

“You vile spawn!”

“You’ve truly joined those Extra-terrestrial Devils?”

Guo Bu’er and Sun Changfeng both looked furious. They glowered at Divine Beggar.

All the breastbones of the two were broken. Their organs were shattered as well. Wisps of black mist rose out of their bodies, as though corrosive flames were burning the two old beggars.

By that time, Lu Changfu and those experts of the Beggar Gang around the stone stage had vaguely realized what had happened. All of them stared at Divine Beggar in astonishment.

Their Grand Master had betrayed them?

But what for?

“Vile spawn, you are already the top leader of our gang. What else do you want then? How can you have joined the Extra-terrestrial Devils?” Guo Bu’er the Miraculous Fist glared at Divine Beggar. It was not until then that he realized Zuo Luyi was right. The recent losses the Beggar Gang had suffered were all because of that Grand Master.

“Hahaha, old b*stard, haven’t you seen it?” Divine Beggar burst into laughter. He seized his scalp and jerked at it.

He tore the scalp down! After that, as though having lost his mind, he quickly wrenched off the skin on his face, torso, arms, and belly. Large patches of human skin were split up. But instead of revealing the muscles dripping with blood underneath, it exposed some weird substance that looked like black rocks.

Shortly, Divine Beggar shredded his entire skin and started growing at a rapid speed. Eventually, he grew into a black rock giant over three meters in height. In the cracks between the rock-like muscles shone crimson flames, which seemed to be magma. In a trice, his savage aura swept across the entire flood land.

“Divine Beggar? Humph, he has long kicked bucket. That old thing was really tough. Didn’t surrender even at the least moment. So, I hollowed him out and made myself an outfit of human skin. Unfortunately, the quality of the skin is so poor that it was tattered after one year. That made me pass the Grand Master title to my partner, but who knows…” The monster laughed. The magma drooled out of his mouth and landed on the ground, starting a fire. Jeering, he bellowed, “Now that you force me to reveal my true color, you shall all go to hell!”

Then, fearful flames engulfed the entire headquarters of the Beggar Gang.