The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 412 - Through Three Levels

Chapter 412 Through Three Levels

The two slashed out at the same time, but the gap between their cultivation levels was enormous.

Yagyuu Yukime’s slash was so aggressive that the air was chirping under the pressure.

Qin Haodong’s slash might seem powerful, but the pressure disappeared immediately after its confrontation with the slash made by Yagyuu Yukime.

“Man, let me break your neck!”

The colliding of the two knives left a dangling sound in the air. Qin Haodong’s Thousand Blades were nearly shaken out of his hand.

While the Doujigiri Yasutsuna didn’t need any break. It slashed on Qin Haodong’s face without delay.

The sword was going down and Qin Haodong was about to be cut in two halves; however, at that moment, his body went backwards in an irregular track, as if pulled by some great force. He avoided Yagyuu Yukime’s slash narrowly.

Hu Xiaoxian had saved Qin Haodong from more than ten meters away. He had been calculating all that, and he knew Yagyuu Yukime was going after him. So he pushed Hu Xiaoxian away from him and tied an invisible silk string on his waist.

After Hu Xiaoxian made her way out safely, she pulled the string immediately and dragged Qin Haodong over.

Seeing Qin Haodong avoiding her fatal attack in such a strange way, Yagyuu Yukime couldn’t help scolding him, “How despicable!”

Just like how Leng Feng did, she stopped chasing the two because Hei Shi had already blocked their way.

Hei Shi was nearly 100 years old. He looked thin and weak, with white hair over his head, but when he stood there, he felt like a mountain. The pressure was massive. That was the real power of a man on the second level of the Supreme Power realm. Yagyuu Yukime and Leng Feng were much weaker than him.

Given Qin Haodong’s cultivation level, Hei Shi didn’t even want to pull out the saber behind him. He cast a glance at him and said, “Young man, you don’t stand a single chance to get rid of me today. So be quiet and let me avenge my son’s death!”

“You don’t know that. We’re not even trying.”

Qin Haodong raised his hand. Ten more needles shot toward Hei Shi densely.

Hei Shi looked so disdainful, as if unaware of those needles. When they were an inch away from him, they fell on the ground as if they had run into a wall. Not a single needle had touched his robe.

The other five people were all shocked. They were surprised, wondering how the Qi protecting Hei Shi could be so strong.

Hei Shi seemed quite proud of it. He said in a collected manner, “I’ll give you three chances to attack because you’re young. If you fail, I’ll kill you instantly.”

Qin Haodong looked quite innocent. He yelled aloud, “I can’t believe this! Let’s try again!”

Numerous rays of cold lights flew to Hei Shi. There were knives, arrows and all kinds of hidden weapons, none of which could penetrate the Qi protecting Hei Shi. They all fell on the ground before they could touch him.

Hei Shi sneered and said, “You’ve got one last chance, and then I’ll send you to hell.”

“What the heck? Once more!”

As Qin Haodong moved, three black chunks flew toward Hei Shi at different heights. They didn’t look as overwhelming or fast when compared to what Qin Haodong had cast before.

Everyone thought that Qin Haodong was at the end of his wits. He had tried and failed twice. Nobody expected that the three black chunks could break the Qi around Hei Shi.

Hei Shi seemed not to care about his attack at all. He raised his chin and didn’t even try to avoid the three chunks that were going to hit him. He thought it was impossible for Qin Haodong to break the Qi protecting him.

Qin Haodong almost laughed when seeing Hei Shi being so arrogant. That was exactly what he wanted. His right hand took out a remote control and pressed the button.

The three black chunks were three packs of C4 explosives that the killers had placed in his car. He took them out and kept them in his Storage Ring, so that he could use them someday.

Hei Shi was a powerful cultivator, but he had no idea of what C4 was, neither did he know how destructive it could be, or he wouldn’t have allowed the three packs to approach him.

Like usual, he raised his hand and tried to flip the three chunks away from him. At the same time, Qin Haodong pressed the button and the three chunks exploded at the same time. The sound shook heaven and earth.

The four packs of C4 exploded at the same time. Even the surrounding mountains were shaking.

Hei Shi had never expected that those chunks could be so destructive. He was even more surprised by how Qin Haodong had controlled them from afar. His ignorance made him suffer. He was blown back like a broken sack.

The Qi protecting Hei Shi was indeed very solid. He had been shoved ten meters away, but his body remained intact, unlike what Qin Haodong had expected. Although, he did spew some blood.

The moment he pressed the button, Qin Haodong made Hu Xiaoxian lay down on the ground. After the explosion, Qin Haodong looked a little disappointed when seeing that Hei Shi didn’t die. He knew that they were still in danger at the moment, so he held Hu Xiaoxian’s hand, and dragged her to the array.


Hei Shi’s furious roar came from behind them. Qin Haodong had completely enraged him.

He had never been so badly injured ever since he stepped into the Supreme Power Realm, which was why he was so furious at the moment. What made him even more furious was that he had been plotted against by such a young man.

He forcibly suppressed his internal injury and moved immediately, leaving an afterimage behind. He rushed toward Qin Haodong at a speed beyond imagination. He would do anything to kill the young man.

Although Qin Haodong had used the Wind Talisman, his cultivation level was still far lower than Hei Shi’s. He had tried his best to get rid of him, but Hei Shi was getting closer and closer.

The array he had set was just around the corner, while they could almost feel Hei Shi breathing on their backs.

“Go to hell!”

Hei Shi yelled and waved his hand, fist smashing on Qin Haodong’s back.

The furious fist of supreme power on the second level was enough to shake the universe. The air around the fist escaped due to the pressure the fist was giving out.

“You go first!”

Qin Haodong pushed Hu Xiaoxian into the array. Then he turned back, raised his knife and slashed at Hei Shi.

Hei Shi’s face twisted a little. His fist punched directly on Qin Haodong’s Thousand Blades.

His fist was covered with protective Qi, no weaker than any legendary weapon. As the fist and the blades collided into each other, the great momentum rolled up the sand and stones. Then they fell on the trees heavily, sputtering.

Qing Haodong had tried his best, but the gap between them was vast. He was half-a-step into the Supreme Power Realm, while Hei Shi was already at the second level. The Thousand Blades was a legendary weapon, but given the realm of its user, it still couldn’t resist Hei Shi’s fist.

Moments later, the Thousand Blades was thrown high up in the sky. Qin Haodong felt a heat in his chest, and he almost puked blood.

“Go to hell!”

Qin Haodong had lost his weapon, and he was in an unprepared posture. He gave up resisting, letting Hei Shi’s powerful palm press on his belly.

Hei Shi showed no mercy because he had to kill him. He was confident that the palm would not only smash Qin Haodong’s dantian, but also his internal organs.

However, soon after he pressed Qin Haodong’s belly. A mysterious force came out of it, counteracting almost all his power.

When Qin Haodong was hit for the first time, he heard a cracking sound. The black amulet he wore on his waist had already fallen to pieces.

He had bought it from the Antique Row and it was supposed to be able to withstand three attacks from a supreme power. It had been hit twice by Dao Tong, and that was the last time.

As a cultivator at the second level of the Supreme Power Realm, Hei Shi’s attack was beyond the bearing capacity of the amulet. Luckily, for Qin Haodong, Hei Shi wasn’t able to perform at his best due to the injuries from the explosion.

Even so, Qin Haodong was slapped backwards like a fly, drawing up a trail of blood in the air.


Hu Xiaoxian groaned woefully. Later she reached out her arms to drag Qin Haodong into the array.

Qin Haodong knew that he was still in danger, so he got himself together and activated the array. The two disappeared in the array immediately.


Hei Shi swore. He hated it so much that Qin Haodong didn’t die before him.

“I swear I’ll cut your head off as a sacrifice to my son!”

He pulled the sword from his back and slashed at the place where the two disappeared.

The moment when he slashed, the air around him solidified into blades, falling on him like a shower, with tons of killing intent.

Those air blades were so sharp that they even cut through the protective Qi around Hei Shi, tearing his robe into pieces.

“That’s the Killing Array!”

Hei Shi knew enough about arrays. He blocked the air blades with his saber and moved backward.

Hei Shi could’ve been killed by the array, if he didn’t react fast enough. Moreover, Qin Haodong was badly injured at that moment, so the array was attacking automatically.

Zhou Tianhu, Yagyuu Yukime and Leng Feng got together. “What happened?”

Hei Shi looked extremely grim, “Son of a b*tch. He placed an array here in advance. This is one of the most powerful arrays, the Killing Array.”

“What? He knows how to set an array?”

Leng Feng was almost startled. He couldn’t care less about Qin Haodong at first. Right then it seemed that the young man was discreet, and he had a full set of backup plans.

Zhou Tianhu was an ordinary person. He had never heard of arrays, so he had no idea what that was. He asked, “What’s that? Is it powerful?”

Leng Feng said, “It is more than powerful. If someone activated a Killing Array without knowing it, it’s highly possible that he would get killed.”

He then waved the saber in his hand and cut down a tree branch that was thicker than his arms. He threw the branch into the array.

As long as the branch entered the array, it was cut into pieces by the killing aura within less than a second.

“That’s horrible.”

Zhou Tianhu was startled. He took two steps back in case he fell into the array accidentally.

He managed to calm down, then he asked the other three people, “You’re all living legends. Do you have any idea about how to break the array?”