Supreme Uprising

Chapter 1144

The Nine Breaking Sky cultivation technique was a top cultivation technique in the Vast Sky Sacred Realm that not just anybody had access to.

“I believe that I will be able to complete it.”

A hundred days later, Luo Yunyang realized that he might not be able to do what he had claimed. The contents of the Nine Breaking Sky cultivation technique might have been deep and complex, but there was a number of records that referred to the Heavenly Dao.

However, he was regrettably unable to find a method to convert the power within his body to the power of the Vast Sky Sacred Realm.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t stupid, but the amount of strength and control that the Paths and laws in this land required was just too massive. Without any Dao Energy, it was simply futile for him to try and absorb the energy of the sky and land.

Was he really going to spend a year there and then return? Luo Yunyang was not satisfied. While he didn’t go out too much because of his cultivation base, he was still looking forward to exploring this new land.

After all, this was a realm where an entity greater than a Taiyi Yuan Venerate existed.

He even had the feeling that he would find a way to deal with the power of the black palm that moved behind the scenes back where he was from.

“The attribute regulator has finished updating. Would you like to make some adjustments now, given the different laws of strength?”

Luo Yunyang immediately had a mind to accept. Astonished, he quickly turned on his attribute regulator.

The font of the numbers remained black just like before, each one representing the various attributes of Luo Yunyang.

Should I adjust the attributes so that they suit the Vast Sky Sacred Realm? This was the only question in his mind.

Luo Yunyang mulled it over and then decided to go ahead with the change. This was the first time he would be making adjustments to the stats on the attribute regulator. Even if things went south, he should be able to revert the stats back to their original state.

In the blink of an eye, the numbers on the attribute regulator were changed to a myriad of different colors.

Apart from the change in color, there was a small change to the numbers. Some numbers also remained completely the same.

The suppression and rejection were gone. Luo Yunyang felt as though he was back in the 36 Great Cosmoses.

He was now able to completely use his full strength and he wouldn’t face any difficulties while cultivating either.

Luo Yunyang felt a great sense of satisfaction when the attribute regulator regained its initial strength.

He had at first thought that he had already mastered and acquired full control over the attribute regulator. He had never imagined that it would yet again give him such an advantage out here in the Vast Sky Sacred Realm.

Without the suppression and rejection of the realm over him, Luo Yunyang relaxed slightly. While he might have spent a great deal of time while going through the ancient records of the Vast Sky Sacred Realm, he still felt as though they were providing very little information on what he wanted to find.

Along with his mother, his sister and son practically became the gist of Luo Yunyang’s life in the Vast Sky Sacred Realm. On the other hand, Luo Yunyang never got to see his father again after their last encounter.

According to the servant accompanying him, the four great war emperors were now cultivating in seclusion.

Luo Yunyang really enjoyed not having to lead a pampered life.

He was really enjoying his stay here. His only issue was that he was still separated from Yunxi. If he was able to bring her here as well, he might really have zero thoughts of returning home.

“Shaocong, don’t be too hard on yourself. If you feel that your training efficiency is low, then one of these days, I’ll take you to a place where time flows a hundred times faster so that you can train even more efficiently…”

Luo Yunyang smiled as he held onto the hands of his son, feeling overcome with sentiment.

His son was good at everything, but he was just too mature. Even though this was considered a good trait by many people, from Luo Yunyang’s point of view, it was not good to be mature at his age. He believed that it was best to be innocent and oblivious at such a young age.

“Father, it will take a lot of resources for us to get to the place where time flows a hundred times faster,” the child called Luo Shaochong said without any regard to his father.

Luo Yunyang stayed silent for a moment before replying, “He he… I definitely do not have these resources, but your grandfather does. He is one of the four great war emperors!”

“A brilliant father, but a useless son! No, that would be wrong. You cannot even be known as a useless son. You are simply a disgrace to the Luo Family!” A cold, raspy voice spoke before Luo Shaocong could even reply.

“To be honest, without Uncle Jiutian, you would have been dealt with a long time ago. After all, you are not even related to him by blood. Having you all around definitely destroyed the reputation of the Luo Family!”

A lady in purple robes had appeared, her voice filled with contempt as she spoke.

The lady was at the seventh layer of the Heavenly Venerate. While this couldn’t be considered rather high in the Vast Sky Sacred Realm, it was not too shabby either.

Luo Yunyang neither liked nor disliked a lady like her.

He was already experienced in dealing with conflicts like this, so he patted his fuming son on the back while saying, “That’s enough. Stop looking at others in that manner. Son, you must always remember to stay calm as much as possible when others try to incite you. Besides, it is not our fault for having a competent father.”

Luo Shaocong glanced in confusion at his father, who was standing proudly. After all, according to Luo Dong’er, his father was an upright and honorable individual.

“Hmm… I am alright. Competent father?”

“Since you acknowledge Uncle Jiutian as your father, do you know that he is facing one of the fiercest and most dangerous battles right now?” The lady hissed icily.

“His old rival has made great progress and wants to challenge him for his position. However, ever since he entered that despicable realm of yours, his Dao energies have been affected and it now takes him much longer to increase his cultivation level.”

“There are many people who already frown upon this battle. Some even say that his old rival will definitely take advantage of this chance to kill him. If anything untoward happens to Uncle Jiutian, let’s see if you guys will still strut around here and say all these things!”

The lady then turned to leave, not wanting to associate any further with the duo.

“Father, can you check if grandfather is alright?” Shaocong asked Luo Yunyang worriedly.

“Rest assured, your grandfather is the last person who will face any problems.” Luo Yunyang patted his son’s shoulders as he spoke.

“You are right, grandfather will be fine,” Shaocong said with clenched fists.

However, while Luo Yunyang was encouraging his son, a huge face appeared on the great sun in the sky.

The face was bright, scorching, and hard to look at.

“Luo Jiutian, you have lost your Dao Energy so aren’t qualified to be one of the four great war emperors. I am now giving you a chance to give up this position so that I will spare your life!”

The powerful voice came like fire and swept through the sky.