Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 1306 - Snatching Someone’s Cherished Items

Chapter 1306: Snatching Someone’s Cherished Items

Walking slowly along the Dark Court’s corridor, Tang Xiu’s eyes constantly swept across the stalls on both sides. His spiritual sense even enveloped all the surrounding areas, observing the items on the stalls and independent shops. He did find some Demon Stones, but after seeing the things here, he immediately realized that there were better items than Demon Stones for him, such as Demon Cores and Demon Essences.

Aside from that, there were still a lot of demon fruits. The one that amazed Tang Xiu the most was that some people were bold enough to sell demon pills.

It must be noted that anything that came from the Demon Realm had always been shunned and rejected by orthodox Immortals. Even some people with a sense of justice forcibly killed people who sold such items from the Demon Realm.

Tang Xiu himself did not go to such extremes. In his view, there were many good things in the Demon Realm. If those objects could be used reasonably, the effect would be much better than its counterpart in the Immortal World.

Festoon Dragonfly followed Tang Xiu all the time. Although he greeted the stall and shop owners, his eyes lingered on Tang Xiu most of the time. After strolling for some kilometers, the fella finally couldn’t help but ask, “Do you have some stalls or shops in mind now, Sire? If you’re still considering it, I suggest you go to the shop of the Great Demon Venerable. The price of goods there may be very expensive, but that shop has the most comprehensive and the best goods you can find here.”

“Take us there, then,” said Tang Xiu.

“At your wish, Sire.”

Dragonfly then led Tang Xiu and the rest to walk for some hundreds of meters again before he finally stopped outside an independent shop. His eyes glanced at the man at the shop’s door and then cried out, “Yow, Hairy Tooth guy, you gotta spare me your parlor tricky cheat here. I brought you a distinguished patron, so you gotta quickly send a notice to Sir Demon to welcome them, got it?”

The guy rolled his eyes at him before glancing at everyone in Tang Xiu’s group. Then, he slowly shouted to the interior, “Hey, Eighteenth Uncle, you got some patrons. Quickly come out and greet ’em!”

A short while after, as Tang Xiu and the rest entered the shop, they saw a fat middle-aged man that looked like a ball of meat lackadaisically came out. One of his eyes opened ever so slightly and swept Tang Xiu and the rest. Then, he asked with a smile, “What would you like to buy, patrons?”

Tang Xiu withdrew his spiritual sense because at the moment, they were not the only patrons in the shop, so he replied, “Demon Stones, Demon Essences, demon fruits, demon liquid. Certainly, if you have some good-grade demon pills, I want them too.”

“Big client!”

Great Demon Venerable was surprised and grinned. “Dear Patron, everything you need can be found in this shop. You can go get them directly and we’ll just sum up the total price. Of course, I’ll give you a discount if you buy in bulk.”


Tang Xiu took the interspatial ring from Great Demon Venerable and then walked through the shelves. Then, he put the pieces of Demon Stones, Demon Essences, demon fruits and demon liquids into the ring. Everything was already marked with a price tag, so Tang Xiu knew their value.

Finally, Tang Xiu stopped in the innermost corner, looking at the dozens of bottles and jars placed on the shelves. A glint flashed in his eyes as he put all the demon pills on it into the ring. Just as he was about to leave the spot, five figures suddenly blocked his path.

“You don’t have to sweep out everything here no matter how rich you are, do you, Sir? I really need that Miasma Poison Pill. I’ve been looking for it in many places before I saw it here. How about I pay you double the price for it?” said a burly man indifferently.

Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “Sorry, first come first serve. Whoever buys it first will get it. This Poison Miasma Pill also has a great effect on me, so I can’t exchange it with you.”

A cold light flashed in the burly man’s eyes and he indifferently said again, “You haven’t paid it yet, have you?”

“Not yet, indeed.” Tang Xiu nodded.

“Since you haven’t paid it, it’s not yours and still the shop’s and subject of bargain to the highest bidder in nature,” the burly man said. “I don’t want to bother to deal with you, so let’s compare our wealth and see who can afford a higher price. How about it?”

Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “I already put it in the ring, which means that I have the right to purchase it first. You will never get it unless I give it up.”

“Are you looking for death, Brat?! You must take it out if our Young Master wants it. Else I’ll drive you out of the Green Summit Bazaar!” an old man behind the burly man expelled out a strong killing intent that was visible on his face as he shouted.

Tang Xiu shot him an indifferent glance. His eyes then shifted on the burly man’s face and lightly said, “Did what he say is what’s in your mind as well?”

The burly man didn’t speak, but his cold eyes showed his attitude.

Tang Xiu turned to Great Demon Venerable who came over and lightly smiled. “Who do you want to sell it to, then?”

Demon Venerable smiled in response and said, “You both can negotiate. Then come find me to pay the bill.”

Tang Xiu looked back at the burly man and nodded. “Let me give you some disgrace and shame since you want to compare wealth with me. A bottle of Poison Miasma Pills is valued at 80,000 Immortal Crystals, while I’ll buy it at 800,000. The price is 10 times higher, would you bid higher than me?”

The burly man sneered and said, “I have 1 million Immortal Crystals here.”

“2 million,” said Tang Xiu.

“3 million,” followed the burly man again.

Tang Xiu slightly frowned and thought for a while. Then, he angrily said, “10 million Immortal Crystals. Do you still dare to bid?”

A chilling light gleamed in the burly man’s eyes as he stared at Tang Xiu as though he wanted to see through the guy. After a long time, he coldly said, “11 million Immortal Crystals.”

Tang Xiu rolled his eyes and muttered to himself, “Are the rich idiots or something? Poison Miasma Pills are only worth up to 100,000 Immortal Crystals, yet you still want to pay it for 11 million Immortal Crystals? Haih, forget it. I’m too lazy to offend you, so might as well give it to you! If you want it, just pay 80,000 Immortal Crystals. I will say no more.”

Having said that, he took out the Poison Miasma Pill from the interspatial ring and threw it to the guy. Then, he handed the ring to Great Demon Venerable. He looked at the angry man and lightly smiled, “Check them out. I bought enough things and you gotta know that I’m still pissed off by you. You had better give a preferential price, else I don’t mind blowing up what has transpired here today.”

Great Demon Venerable himself was annoyed by Tang Xiu, seeing him willing to let the other party buy the Poison Miasma Pill for 80,000 Immortal Crystals, his original price tag. But it was a dispute between Tang Xiu and that man, so he could only suppress the annoyance inwardly. As his spiritual sense swept through the ring, he said, “All will be 64.72 million Immortal Crystals. You bought so many things here, so I’ll give you a discount and waive those 20,000 Immortal Crystals.”

“Is that your offer?” Tang Xiu frowned and said, “Do you think I lack Immortal Crystals or something?”

“I’m just upset, so that’s the discount for you.” Great Demon Venerable coldly sneered. “Take it or leave it.”

At the side, Dragonfly’s expression changed and he interjected in a heavy voice. “Demon Sire, I’ve always respected you, so I always brought big patrons to your shop. In the recent 50 years, I’ve brought you at least hundreds of distinguished patrons, Sir. Although you did reward me a lot of Immortal Stones in return, I know you earn much more than me. Sir, it took me a lot of effort to pull all those patrons to you. If you just drive the patron I’ve brought you away because you’re upset, I’ll immediately take this Sir away and I will never come to your place again in the future.”

A murderous intent glinted in Great Demon Venerable’s eyes as he stared at Dragonfly. He quickly thought inwardly and the cold expression in his heart finally dissipated as he grunted angrily. “You dare threaten me, little bastard?! Wonderful, how awesome you are. Fine! 64 million. I’ll waive 720,000 Immortal Crystals, then!”

Dragonfly glanced at Tang Xiu and saw his indifferent expression. He suddenly gritted his teeth and interjected. “Sir Demon, you know how much I respect you. It can be said that you’re my idol. I fantasized countless times to be as powerful and as great as a businessman as you in the future. But I’ve brought you more than ten big patrons in the past and I can’t imagine how big the profits you earned from them. Hence, drop it to 60 million. Sell it all for 60 million Immortal Crystals and I guarantee that I’ll bring all the patrons I’ve drawn to you in the future.”

“Impossible!” Great Demon Venerable nearly jumped out and roared angrily, “All the profits I got from these shits are not even enough to make up for 4.72 million Immortal Crystals! How could you make me subtract so much at once? Are you fucking crazy?”

“I won’t take any commission from all the patrons I’ll bring you in the future!” Dragonfly said aloud.

Great Demon Venerable’s heart skipped a beat and he looked at the guy incredulously, asking “What nonsense are blabbering you? Who the hell do you think you are, punk? Who is this brat? You’re willing to cut off your own source of income for him?”

“He’s a good man!” Dragonfly seriously said, “He tipped me a lot more than those people I’ve met in the past. Further, he never reprimanded or cursed at me and even gave a bit of respect instead. That’s why I’m willing to stick up for him.”

Great Demon Venerable fell into silence and stared at Dragonfly and Tang Xiu. After a while, he shook his head and sighed. “Haih, forget it. I won’t insist on my previous price. 62 million Immortal Crystals and that’s it. You want it, then quickly pay. Scram at once if you won’t take it.”

Tang Xiu patted Dragonfly’s shoulder and directly took out an interspatial ring. He handed it to Great Demon Venerable and said, “There are 600,000 Crystal Essences and 2 million Immortal Crystals inside.”

Great Demon Venerable counted it before he finally nodded and said, “The number is correct. Pick whatever you want if there’s something you still need here! Leave now if you don’t need anything else.”

Tang Xiu glanced at the side, looking at the burly man who looked like he was enjoying watching the bustling scene. He then spoke to the guy, “It’s better to squash enmity than keeping it alive. We can be said to have no concord without the previous discord. Farewell, we shall meet again in the future if fate wills it.”

The burly man ignored him while sneering inwardly. A vengeful man as he was, he still remembered the scolding Tang Xiu gave him just now.