Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 267 - Counterplot

Chapter 267 Counterplot

What the dean said made the employee in the archives room afraid to hesitate. He answered softly, “OK.”

Then he went to find the file.

The file was made many years ago. It took them a long time to find it.

After he found it, the employee in the archives room sent it to the office of the dean.

Holding the file, the dean sighed deeply. He seemed to make a decision which he could not decline.

The doctor who sent him the file was an old employee who had been working in the hospital for more than ten years.

Seeing the name on the file, he could think of what was in the file.

“Dean!” The employee could not help talking, “Why do you suddenly bring this matter up?”

“This is also for the sake of the big picture. Please go back to work if you have nothing to tell.”

The dean dismissed the employee from the archives room.

Then he closed the door and opened the portfolio which had been sealed for seven or eight years.

Song Yunjia was a little bit distraught.

Her temples kept jolting when she was at a departmental meeting with Zhou Yang.

She raised her hands to rub her temples, feeling kind of exhausted.

Seeing that she raised her hands and rubbed her temples, Zhou Yang asked her, “Are you tired?”

Song Yunjia put down her hands. She shook her head and said modestly, “If I can finish the work perfectly, I am not afraid of being tired.”

Hearing that Song Yunjia answered like this, Zhou Yang felt very satisfied. He then opened the file in front of him, continuing to say, “The affairs in S City are a little tough for the time being. Because there is a problem with the department personnel assigned there, we need another person to supervise them and manage the things there.”

Song Yunjia knew that the affairs in S City should be taken over by another person after Song Yunqiang was jailed.

If it was a person who supported her in the heart, it could not be better.

Zhou Yang turned to ask her, “Yunjia, when you came to the company, I also introduced you to the staff with good performance. Who do you think is the most suitable person assigned to S City?”

Song Yunjia was about to talk at once.

But at this time, the door of the department meeting room was opened without warning.

The comer heard the talk in the room. She pushed the door open, saying, “As for who to choose, I think it will be better to let me decide.”

The proud and cold voice made everyone present slightly stunned.

The swivel chair of Zhou Yang revolved. Zhou Yang watched Song Yunxuan walk in.

The one who stood behind her was the assistant who never left her, Mei Qi.

Song Yunjia squinted slightly.

The people who were having a meeting in the departmental meeting room all stood up to greet Song Yunxuan with a nod or a bow.

Song Yunxuan nodded and walked to the long desk of the meeting room.

Zhou Yang had to give his seat to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan felt at ease sitting at the long table in the conference room, aiming to sit in on the whole of the meeting on this main seat.

The staff who stood up to greet also took their seats one after another after greeting her.

Song Yunxuan put her fingers on the desk, saying lightly, “I just came here to sit on. Just go on.”

Zhou Yang obviously showed an unhappy look.

Song Yunjia was also unhappy.

The staff in the meeting room all showed respect for Song Yunxuan seemingly, though they did not support Song Yunxuan sincerely in their hearts.

Zhou Yang sat on the right-hand seat of Song Yunxuan. Hearing that Song Yunxuan allowed them to continue, he said, “Let’s come to another question.”

“Did we finish the last one?”

Song Yunxuan pretended to be puzzled.

She heard with her own ears that Zhou Yang discussed the allocation issue to S City with Song Yunjia when she came in.

Now S City had got a great project of three hundred million yuan. So, it must be lucrative for the one who would be sent to work there, anyway.

The candidate for such a lucrative position should be decided by her, Song Yunxuan.

But Zhou Yang obviously didn’t pay any attention to her at all. He not only didn’t ask for her advice but directly asked Song Yunjia for suggestions.

The one who didn’t know the situation would take Song Yunjia as the owner of the Song enterprise, based on his action.

She was unhappy about that in her mind. Of course, she would not let Zhou Yang skip the question.

Being stopped on that topic, Zhou Yang had no choice but to mention it again. “We were just talking about the dispatch to S City.”

“Then, does Uncle Zhou already have a suitable candidate to allocate?”

Zhou Yang denied it. “Of course not.”

“I heard you asking my sister for advice. So, has my sister already figured out who should go to S City?”

She turned to look at Song Yunjia.

Zhou Yang was a little uneasy in his mind. Song Yunqiang fell into trouble after the arrangement of the allocation to S City.

Would Song Yunxuan use the same way to send Song Yunjia to S City to get rid of her?

Guessing this in his mind, he showed an anxious look on his face spontaneously.

Song Yunxuan imperceptibly glanced at Zhou Yang, saying, “My sister has already entered the Song enterprise. Of course, she has the right to express her opinion. Who do you think is the most suitable person to go to S City, my sister?”

Song Yunjia frowned and considered for a while. She didn’t answer immediately.

What Song Yunxuan said seemed to be very normal and inoffensive. But on second thought, it was a trap.

She knew that the assignment to S City was lucrative. It could not be better if she took the opportunity to cultivate some people who would be loyal to her.

If she said the person on her side rashly, Song Yunxuan might dismiss the person directly and then kick the person out of the Song enterprise.

If so, she would lose another person who supported her.

Anyway, Song Yunjia thought at this time that no matter which side the person she mentioned was on, Song Yunxuan must think that the person was the one who was on her side because she was suspicious.

In this case, she could just recommend a person who supported Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunjia made up her mind, saying, “I think that Zhu Xinyu in the Planning Division will be a good choice.”

“Zhu Xinyu?”

Song Yunxuan repeated the name silently. Then she smiled and said, “Then just let him go there.”

Song Yunxuan agreed easily.

Song Yunjia could not help being stunned. She never thought that Song Yunxuan would easily agree to use the one she recommended.

If she had known that Song Yunxuan would not suspect the man she recommended, she should have recommended the one who supported her to go to S City, which was lucrative.

Song Yunjia regretted so much.

Zhou Yang was also speechless when hearing Song Yunxuan’s straightforward answer, sitting next to her.

Song Yunxuan did it on purpose.

She must do it on purpose.

She knew a lot about the thought pattern of Song Yunjia. She was sure that Song Yunjia would not recommend the person on her side. So, she would mention a person who supported Song Yunxuan to arouse her suspicion.

She just took advantage of Song Yunjia’s smart-ass action and counterplotted, easily deciding who would be sent to S City.

Zhou Yang glanced at Song Yunjia with some blame.

How could Song Yunxuan’s question be easily answered?

When she asked, Song Yunjia should have refused to answer or have thought twice before answering her.

Zhou Yang stared at her with some reproaches.

Song Yunjia was also annoyed because she had made such a stupid mistake.

After Song Yunxuan solved the problem, she raised her lips happily and smiled. “Now we have decided on the allocation issue. Sister, you have agreed to it. So, just continue to talk about the following things.”

Song Yunjia was angry in her mind. But she could not show the emotion on her face. She had no choice but to continue to talk about the following things with Zhou Yang.

Song Yunxuan attended the whole meeting.

Zhou Yang and Song Yunjia just discussed some unimportant department problems.

But through these several unimportant questions, she could see that Song Yunjia started to get familiar with the operational mode of the Song enterprise in business with Zhou Yang’s guidance.

Song Yunxuan touched her underlip.

She heard them talking about the new product.

But Mei Qi’s phone vibrated.

Mei Qi went out to pick up the phone after telling her.

When he came back, he said something in a low voice in Song Yunxuan’s ear.

Because his voice was too low, only Song Yunxuan could hear what he said. Others who were in the meeting room could not hear it at all.

Song Yunxuan slightly raised her brows when she heard his words.

Then she stood up. “You just go on. I have got some affairs to handle. I’m going to leave first.”

After saying that, Song Yunxuan got up to leave.

All the staff in the meeting room stood up to watch Song Yunxuan get out of the meeting room.

When Song Yunxuan left, they sat down to go on having a meeting.

Zhou Yang looked at Song Yunjia. “Do you know Zhu Xinyu, the one who will go to S City?”

“Several days ago, I observed him. I knew that he supported Song Yunxuan in his mind.”

“Then why did you mention him?”

Song Yunjia tightly frowned. “I thought that Song Yunxuan was a suspicious woman.”

“I will just let it go this time. Please pay attention next time. Song Yunxuan is mysterious and unpredictable.”

Song Yunjia nodded. But she could not help thinking about why Song Yunxuan left suddenly.

Song Yunxuan went out of the meeting room. Then she asked Mei Qi to call the driver to let him prepare the car to go out.

Mei Qi followed her all the way into the elevator.

“A phone call suddenly came from the detention center. They said that Song Yunqiang wanted to see Song Yunjia and tell her something urgent.”

“Then how did you block the news?”

“The one who was bribed by Song Yunjia before is off today. So, the people on our side got the news first.” Mei Qi felt a little lucky. “If Song Yunjia had got the news first, things would have been very complicated.”

“Nothing would have been complicated. Now, Song Yunjia is so greedy that she even wants to get my brother’s heritage for his pension.”

“I heard that when Song Yunjia talked to Song Yunqiang about this matter, she showed her sincere feelings. She seemed to be considering it for Song Yunqiang truly.”

“Was she really considering it for Song Yunqiang?”

Song Yunxuan could not help sneering. She shook her head. “I have known her for such a long time. I have never seen her consider something for anyone else. Of course, Shao Tianze is an exception.”

In Song Yunjia’s heart, only Shao Tianze was an exception.

The only thing she would consider was the interests of Shao Tianze.

It seemed that Song Yunjia really loved Shao Tianze deeply.

They drove to the detention center. The ride of a few hours was shortened because of the fast speed of the car, and it took only more than an hour for them to arrive there.

The jailer in the detention center took them in.

The jailer knew Mei Qi well. So, he was very polite when speaking. “Song Yunqiang is a little thrilled. He was beaten heavily. So, he is still in bed and can’t get down from his bed now. I hope your visit won’t get him too emotional.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. “I see. Thank you.”

Then the jailer nodded and opened the door of the ward in the detention center to let them in.

Obviously, Mei Qi had already bribed the people here. The condition in Song Yunqiang’s ward was good.

And he had not been bullied during his treatment. But he still gnashed his teeth with his face full of hatred when he saw Song Yunxuan.