One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 1346 - I do not have a father like that!

Chapter 1346: I do not have a father like that!

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In the short span of three years, the boy was able to function independently.

Presently, through his outstanding finesse, he had become Hurricane Group’s leader and the North American regional market’s chief commander at the mere age of twenty-four. At the same time, he was a core member of that global organization’s ‘Deva Eye’ project—a truly celebrated position.

Within the group, if there was one person that Youyou admired, that would be the Gong family’s crown prince and North American regional market’s person in charge, Gong Jie!

“Sis, return to the family with me. Once father learns that you’re alive, he’ll be ecstatic!”

Startled, she asked, “What place is that family?’

“It’s your home.”

“No…” Yun Shishi’s smile dimmed a little. “My home is here.”

The man was stumped.

It was as if his heart had been stabbed.

“Xiao Jie, the home that you speak of, and our father, I really don’t have any concept of it. I grew up in this city to begin with. This ground is my home—my roots,” she said solemnly.

When her brother talked about his family and their so-called father, it did not cause great waves in her heart. She did not have the desire to acknowledge them as her family.

As for Gong Shaoying, she still felt a little hatred and distance to him from the bottom of her heart.

If only he had set his priorities straight and not only focused on his career, fulfilling his responsibility as a man and protecting their mother…

Their mother would not have passed away at such a young age.

The Mu family could not be voided of their connection in Mu Qingcheng’s death, but as a man, as the person their mother had entrusted her life, why did he not take good care of her?

Did he not have the capability?


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Ultimately, it was because their mother’s place in his heart was not as important as his career!

Therefore, she held onto that little grudge in her heart against her biological father.

It had been so many years, moreover. She really did not feel anything toward that father by name!

If she really followed her brother back to the Gong family, what about Youyou?

What about Little Yichen?

Would that family acknowledge her two children?

Her biological father hated the Mu family to his bones. Why should she hold hope that he would acknowledge her children?

There was the Mus’ blood running through her twin children’s veins.

The blood of the tyrant that Gong Shaoying absolutely despised to the bones!

Would he acknowledge them?

Even if he was willing to acknowledge the two kids, what about Mu Yazhe?

He would definitely not!

She did not want to follow after her mother’s footsteps, repeating the same mistakes!

“I won’t return to the Gong family no matter what you say.”

“Sis…” Her brother’s heartstrings tugged painfully. “I’ve finally found you after so long; I can’t lose you again! Let’s go back home together, okay?”

She remained mum for a moment before slowly saying, “Xiao Jie, I’m very happy to know that you’re alive, but your request for me to return to that family with you, I really can’t do it!”

She paused for a moment as her eyelids twitched. Desolation emerged on her face. “I really… can’t bring myself to forgive that man!”

“Why?” pursued her brother.

“Because… Because I don’t have a father like him!” she blurted out uncontrollably, unleashing the many years of grievances she had kept in her heart!