Master of Untold Daos

Chapter 442 - Demonic Cultivation's Straggler

Chapter 442: Demonic Cultivation’s Straggler

Time slipped away with each kill. Ling Xian didn’t know how many he felled yet they kept coming. When one died, another one came to take his place, throwing Ling Xian into a chasm of fear.

He realized something, Yeah, everyone wants me dead.

His only hope at life was to enter the Flay Immortals stage.

Blood covered every inch of his body, yet never staggered in his attacks, killing and killing until corpses piled up around.

Some were laying, some hunched over, some wide-eyed.

Yet never was one who could get close to him.

The deserter and the immortals were at an impasse when the bamboo hat-wearing man approached. His every step shifted him a li forward.

He was Leng Xue, Crownless Assembly’s Saber Paragon.

He passed through the crowd and in front of deserter, words callous, “Move aside.”

The deserter laughed, “A peak Earth Immortal wants to trample on a Transcending realm cultivator. You have no dignity to speak of.”

Leng Xue smiled, “So you don’t know what forbidden means. Killing him is of paramount importance to me.”

That it was. The four Domains and Crownless Assembly all hated aberrations for a simple reason. The supreme Crownless was one already.

The Domains didn’t want another, the Crownless Assembly even more so.

The deserter said, “Riches gives rise to envy. If there’s no danger, one doesn’t deserve to have those riches.”

Leng Xue said, “You all want to die?”

Unbridled laughter came from behind him, “Oh my, I haven’t had a good fight for so long. Today, I might get my chance.”

Eyes turned to him. The bold youth carried a blood coffin and leaned on a tree while drinking wine.

Leng Xue smiled, “You’re smart I see, to come with a ready coffin for yourself.”

Li Suyi laughed, “We shall see.”

He rose and walked to deserter, “Take care of the others. This one’s mine.”

The deserter didn’t know him but one thing was certain, he was on his side.

Leng Xue said, “To kill you, I needn’t even draw.”

Li Suyi turned a deaf ear. He trained for so long mentally that he showed no impressive demeanor.

Leng Xue made a mad dash for him. A fist exploded the earth a hundred zhangs before Li Suyi into a landslide heading right at him.

Li Suyi looked him over, His far from matching up to head senior sister in body power…

He just stamped the earth tide into a stop.

Leng Xue looked closer, “Dual cultivator? And both at peak Earth Immortal realm? How interesting. You are now eligible to face my saber.”

When a real fight begins, Master once said to not say a word. The best is to lighten the other’s shoulders of his head on the first occasion.

Li Suyi reached for the blood coffin and planted it before him.

He opened it up to reveal two tied sabers. He gripped them in each hand. His left held an immortal sword while his right a hegemon sword, to unleash both types of sword arts.

Boiling demonic energy rose from him and swept the skies. A Demon Lord arrived!

Both were heavy sabers. Li Suyi jumped at Leng Xue and struck.

Leng Xue was a bit out of sorts, “A straggler from demonic cultivation?”

This part of the Galaxy had few demonic cultivators. It was a paradise for immortal cultivators.

The crowd was stunned, “First an aberration and now a vile demonic cultivator?”

“What is wrong with this Galaxy?”

“There are so many foul people in it!”

“Yet they even dared to swagger their way through the world!”

Leng Xue pulled a blade exuding cold air and light blue sheen. People said he was the Saber Immortal King in his previous life, to his contrary beliefs. His cultivation method and saber arts drifter towards the Dao of Frost. He cultivated a strong body in the harshest frost.

He refined his saber art in the endless winter, “I’m Leng Xue, a peak Earth Immortal realm hardship cultivator. I practice the Snow Beheading saber art, and my blade bears the name Frost’s Descent. Well met!”

The three blades clashed, with demonic energy and snowflakes flying.

They split for half a step only to retaliate even harder.

Li Suyi was silent as the grave. If he weren’t though, he’d say his sword art was called Demon Beheading.

It was an art born from severing endless heart demons.

Leng Xue unleashed a blue wave of saber energy, to which Li Suyi responded by chopping it

In the aftermath, the ground sank three feet. The two fought within the group of immortals without a qualm.

The crowd fled from their path. Their battle was so gruesome, that a tap would leave anyone dead, and a brush heavily wounded.

“Just how strong are they? Why do I have the feeling these two are no less than Ninth Crown Prince?”

“Where did they come from?”

“Wordless Upheaval is upon us and geniuses gather. The world is a boundless place!”

Leng Xue wielded Frost’s Descent into unleashing saberforce throughout the area, then focused all of it into his blade, “Ten thousand saber energy become a blade. I have fought countless times with saber cultivators. This blade of mine sends all of them to their graves. You shall be no different!”

A bright saber wave flew. The blue wave seemed to split the sky and rend the earth. Just seeing it unleashed, the crowd was forced to retreat again and again.

“So strong!”

“I know him! He’s Leng Xue, Crownless Assembly’s Saber Prodigy!”

“They say that he only needs to enter Gold Immortal realm and he’ll receive an Inevitable mask!”

Li Suyi stabbed his blades before him and moved his lips.

The people gawked, “What’s he doing?”

“Is he facing it empty-handed?”

“He must have a death wish. Even a peak Earth Immortal will die under it!”

Li Suyi trembled, and a blue Taotie crawled out of his mouth. Its brutal intent engulfed the world.