Martial Peak

Chapter 1207 - Waiting For Gains Without Pains

Chapter 1207, Waiting For Gains Without Pains

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The reason why Yang Kai was willing to delay himself here was because the environment was incredibly rare and he didn’t want to miss this opportunity, but also because he was feeling a sense of crisis deep in his heart.

With his current strength, it was no problem to deal with Saint Kings, but it was not the same when he went against an Origin Returning Realm master. Yang Kai wasn’t even certain he could defeat the stern-faced young man he encountered back in the stalactite cave.

On Shadowed Star, in the Star Field, Yang Kai was all alone, with no one to depend on but himself.

Qian Tong treated him well, but that was only because he wanted to forge a connection with the imagined Artefact Refining Grandmaster behind Yang Kai. It was for this reason that Qian Tong was so accommodating towards him. If Qian Tong knew that this so-called master didn’t exist, Yang Kai couldn’t say for sure Qian Tong’s attitude towards him wouldn’t immediately and dramatically change.

Therefore, Yang Kai had to make himself as strong as possible as quickly as possible, so that when dealing with others, he wouldn’t constantly be forced into a passive position.

Even if he was alone in this world, he still had many concerns.

On this day, at the end of the canyon, a red light flashed, and Yang Kai, who was tempering his Space Blade, instantly felt something, looked up, and was stunned by what he saw.

It was another Flowing Flame Flying Fire!

Just like the one he saw three days ago, this Flowing Flame Flying Fire was soaring over from the entrance to the canyon, and by the time Yang Kai spotted it, it had fallen into the strange space.

The speed of this red flash dramatically slowed, and the Flowing Flame Flying Fire slowly began advancing through the several dozen metre long solidified space.

Learning from his experience a few days ago, Yang Kai immediately acted, judging the position where the Flowing Flame Flying Fire would pass through while moving his body with all his might.

This time though, his luck wasn’t very good. The Flowing Flame Flying Fire that appeared just now was on course to fly more than three metres away from him, and Yang Kai would have to rush to that position before it if he were to have any hope of catching the flame.

Although Yang Kai was already familiar with viscous solidification of this weird space, and he had become far more proficient in his application of Space Force, it was still extremely difficult for him to act swiftly here.

By the time he managed to get close to that position, the Flowing Flame Flying Fire had flown past him again.

Yang Kai frowned as he stared thoughtfully towards the direction the treasure he had missed for the third time had flown.

According to Wei Gu Chang, the Flowing Flame Flying Fire was incredibly precious, but also an extremely rare existence in the Flowing Flame Sand Field. Many people who entered wouldn’t even encounter one.

And in fact, this appeared to be true. When Yang Kai was walking through the first layer Flame Area, he had only chanced upon a Flowing Flame Flying Fire once, and if it weren’t for his Divine Sense being abnormally strong, he might have missed it altogether as it passed by him.

However, it seemed Wei Gu Chang’s words only applied to the first layer!

Where Yang Kai was today, was the third layer Flame Area. Were there simply more Flowing Flame Flying Fires here, or were the two Flowing Flame Flying Fires he saw actually the same and were just flying a fixed path?

If it was the same one, its flight path was likely to be fixed. How else would Yang Kai be able to see it again after a mere three days if that weren’t the case?

If it wasn’t the same one though, then was there something about this canyon that was able to attract Flowing Flame Flying Fires to pass through it?

All kinds of questions flooded Yang Kai’s mind, and his expression was constantly changing, distracting him from comprehending the Dao of Space.

Soon though, Yang Kai shook his head. Regardless of whether the two Flowing Flame Flying Fires he saw were the same or there was something in this canyon that drew in Flowing Flame Flying Fires, if he waited a few more days, he would be able to see for himself.

Yang Kai began cultivating his Space Force again, but this time he also paid attention to the movement at the end of the canyon, wondering which of his various guesses was correct.

Time passed by, and three days later, because he was anticipating the appearance of a Flowing Flame Flying Fire, Yang Kai focused his eyes on the end of the canyon ahead of time while still condensing his Space Blade.

But to his surprise, after watching for half a day, nothing appeared at the end of the canyon, much less a Flowing Flame Flying Fire.

This made him quite disappointed.

However, since this was the case, Yang Kai was now certain the two Flowing Flame Flying Fires he saw pass through this place weren’t the same. If they were the same, there wouldn’t have been such an irregularity to its appearances.

Since it appeared randomly, it shouldn’t be the same.

On the fourth day, Yang Kai suddenly felt something and immediately looked towards the end of the canyon, a sight which lifted his spirits appearing before his eyes.

Yang Kai was thrilled that one of his conjectures was correct, that is, this canyon indeed had something which drew in Flowing Flame Flying Fires, because a red flash of light had appeared at the end of the canyon at this moment.

Amazingly, it wasn’t just one red light this time, but two, one right after the other, both of which arrived at that strange space almost at the same time, their speeds dropping sharply, and then beginning to advance towards the other side.

Yang Kai acted immediately, and with his two previous failures giving him some much-needed experience, he was certain he wouldn’t miss this opportunity this time.

However, what made him frown slightly was that the two Flowing Flame Flying Fires that appeared this time were separated by more than three metres, so it would be impossible to catch both of them at the same time.

After hesitating for a moment, Yang Kai moved his body towards the closer Flowing Flame Flying Fire and summoned a good jade bottle into his hand.

Wei Gu Chang had told him all about the wonders and dangers of the Flowing Flame Flying Fire, but nothing about how to collect it, probably because he too didn’t know anything about that.

Yang Kai could only try using a jade bottle first, and if that didn’t work, he would think up another method.

After so many days of familiarization and tempering himself with this strange space, Yang Kai was now able to move much faster than before, and before the Flowing Flame Flying Fire arrived, Yang Kai appeared in front of it.

Staring at this Flowing Flame Flying Fire, Yang Kai condensed his Saint Qi and, just as it approached, he pushed his palm forward.

The already slowed Flowing Flame Flying Fire became even slower after taking this blow

Yang Kai was overjoyed and quickly lifted the jade bottle that he had prepared, pointing its mouth towards the approaching Flowing Flame Flying Fire.

The whole process was extremely smooth, and the Flowing Flame Flying Fire easily entered the jade bottle, but in the next instant, the bottle was burned to ash.

Yang Kai frowned but wasn’t surprised. No longer hesitating, he reached out his hand and grabbed the Flowing Flame Flying Fire. Before it could put out any of its intense heat, Yang Kai pushed his Demonic Flame to wrap this Flowing Flame Flying Fire in multiple layers of black flame.

Yang Kai could clearly felt the scorching energy of the Flowing Flame Flying Fire fighting against his Demonic Flame, both forces apparently equal in might with the Flowing Flame Flying Fire stubbornly trying to break through the barrier of Demonic Flame.

But how could Yang Kai give it such an opportunity? Seeing that this method was feasible, Yang Kai immediately pushed his Saint Qi harder and intensified his Demonic Flame, binding the Flowing Flame Flying Fire tightly within it.

After a short while, the Flowing Flame Flying Fire was successfully wrapped in Demonic Flame and settled down, no longer resisting.

Looking at the fist-sized burning ball of black flame, Yang Kai grinned happily.

After much effort, and allowing several of its companions to get away, Yang Kai had finally managed to harvest a Flowing Flame Flying Fire.

Yang Kai wasn’t upset about allowing those previous Flowing Flame Flying Fires to escape though. Since he had determined that this canyon was a location Flowing Flame Flying Fires had to pass through, all he had to do was wait here for gains without pains.

The black fireball formed by Demonic Flame couldn’t be placed in a Space Ring, so Yang Kai could only throw it into the Black Book space. After going back, he could dispel the Demonic Flame and then take advantage of the magical uses of this Flowing Flame Flying Fire.

With his first harvest safely stored away, Yang Kai’s mood was wonderful, making it easier for him to perfect his Space Blade and comprehend the Dao of Space. He also became more adept at using Space Force, decreasing the pressure this strange solidified space could exert upon him.


More than a month later, Yang Kai harvested another Flowing Flame Flying Fire using the same method, but by now he showed no trace of joy.

He had cultivated here for about a month and a half, and received a total of nine Flowing Flame Flying Fires.

This was a considerable number of Flowing Flame Flying Fires, most likely more than anyone else in history, but there was still a touch of regret between Yang Kai’s brows.

Because of his progress in the use of Space Force, the usefulness of this strange space to his cultivation became smaller and smaller, and as he continued to display his Space Blade here, repeatedly tearing space, it seemed that the solidification here would also be destroyed.

Without the strong restraint of this space, after a Flowing Flame Flying Fire entered here, its speed wouldn’t drop as significantly as before. If Yang Kai hadn’t piled up a lot of experience already, the Flowing Flame Flying Fire just now would likely have flown right past him.

Yang Kai estimated that he could only cultivate here for another ten days at most before he would no longer gain any benefits from it.

With that being the case though, he planned on taking advantage of this place until the very last moment.

Making up his mind, Yang Kai no longer wasted any time, tossed the harvested Flowing Flame Flying Fire into the Black Book Space, then immersed himself in his cultivation again.

After waiting for several days, no more Flowing Flame Flying Fires appeared. It was as if Yang Kai’s unscrupulous harvesting had caused all the Flowing Flame Flying Fires that passed through here to disappear.

On this day though, Yang Kai finally sensed the aura of another Flowing Flame Flying Fire.

After rushing into the canyon, the Flowing Flame Flying Fire crashed into the solidified space and Yang Kai stretched out his palm in a practised manner, held the Flowing Flame Flying fire tightly, pushed his Saint Qi, and wrapped it up in layer upon layer of Demonic Flame.

A short moment later, a small black fireball appeared in his hand.

But before Yang Kai could throw it into his Black Book Space, he heard a number of surprised shouts coming from behind him along with the sound of clothes swishing; several cultivators were quickly approaching.

Yang Kai frowned and immediately threw the black fireball into his Black Book Space before turning around to look at these people.

After a single glance, Yang Kai’s expression flashed a look of displeasure, because this group of people were actually cultivators from the Heaven Battling Union.