Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities

Chapter 581 - The Sinner

Chapter 581 The Sinner

After walking further away, Rainy kept her hand and lay on Gao Yi’s embrace quietly. She continued playing with her dolly, and passersby would unknowingly take another look at her. Just looking at her parents, no wonder their daughter was so pretty. Genes were really important.

“Ruoxin…” A voice considered unfamiliar caused Xia Ruoxin to stop in her tracks. She turned back and saw someone that she did not really want to see in her life. It was that mother-if she really could call her one. It was the one that gave birth to her.

“Ruoxin, are you all really leaving? Can you reconsider?” asked Shen Yijun as she rushed over with Xia Mingzheng and the unwilling Xia Yixuan. Xia Yixuan looked at her surroundings in frustration. There were so many people, how annoying. She could not understand why Xia Ruoxin left and came here. Was Xia Ruoxin related to her? She thought not.

She glanced at Gao Yi and felt kind of jealous. This sister was really lucky. She actually could date this good-looking man. Even though his family background is normal, but his looks were more than fine. Of course, there was also her daughter, which left Xia Yixuan bitter with jealousy.

She rolled her eyes. Yes, this was Xia Ruoxin’s child, but she was also the Chu family’s descendant. If this kid was hers, then for Brother Lui’s side, she could get another good opportunity to get close to him again. Even though she did not like the kid at all-if it was possible, it could be a good chance to make use of it. She had always been interest-driven; she would be silly and dumb to pass on such a chance.

Thinking of this, her smile turned to one with ill intentions. She got close to them and suddenly became friendlier than ever.

“Yeah, Sis, you don’t have to go to Britain. Xia Household still has your room. You can stay with…” Xia Yixuan paused. She thought for half a day but still could not remember what the child’s name was. Was it Tiny? Rain or Drainy? How could she give such a weird name? It was truly scary to be uncultured.

“Ah, you could live with your daughter at our household. Then, our whole family can be together; isn’t that great?” she said as she stared at the Rainy in Gao Yi’s arms. This plan was great, marvelous.

As she thought on, her eyes revealed her obvious motives towards Rainy. Rainy looked up and was very sensitive towards Xia Yixuan’s stare, to which she showed displeasure. She buried her head in Gao Yi’s chest, avoiding to look at Xia Yixuan’s face that would make her scared.

Shen Yijun looked blankly. Actually, she understood certain things. She would not try to get this daughter to acknowledge her.

“Are you… really leaving?” asked Shen Yijun bitterly.

Xia Ruoxin sized up this so-called mother for the first time, her mother. Just when did Shen Yijun age, with obvious wrinkles appearing at the corner of her eyes? She was no longer the Shen Yijun from before; it seems like she only became like this recently.

Whatever needed to be said had been said, and all that needed to be done was done.

Some things could never be reverted just like between Xia Ruoxin and Shen Yijun.

Some things could never be made up for… for Chu Lui as well as Shen Yijun.

“The plane is going to take off. Let’s go,” said Xia Ruoxin as she turned to leave. Only Gao Yi saw the tears welling up in her eyes, the tears that she did not want anyone else to see.

“Let’s go,” replied Gao Yi as he freed one hand to hold Xia Ruoxin’s. Yes, everything was in the past. Letting go and putting the past behind her would not be a bad thing to her.

Watching Xia Ruoxin leave her further and further, step by step, starting to distance, starting to vanish in the crowd, suddenly; Shen Yijun let go of all her worries and ran with all her might towards Xia Ruoxin. She did not want to lose her daughter. She knew that she was wrong-she really did. Don’t leave her… she needed her daughter.

However, she got held up by the airport security officer; and she could only watch on blankly as Xia Ruoxin walked away from her, step by step, till Xia Ruoxin walked out of her world. At the very end, she still could not get her daughter or her granddaughter back.

“There, there, Yijun. Ruoxin does not have a heart of stone. She just hasn’t thought it through yet. Once she does, she will come back for you,” said Xia Mingzheng. Just that, even he himself had no confidence in the words he just said.

If he was Xia Ruoxin, would he? He really did not have an answer.

“You know she won’t,” said Shen Yijun in low spirits.

Upon seeing them ignoring her for Xia Ruoxin, she was angry until her face was red.

“Didn’t you always not want her but want me instead? Am I not here now? Why on earth would you be upset?” commented Xia Yixuan as she rolled her eyes. She always thought that her entire world had changed. In the past, everyone used to revolve around her: her father, her mother, and Brother Lui. Why do they only have Xia Ruoxin in their hearts now? They had forgotten Xia Yixuan completely, didn’t they?

“If I knew earlier, I wouldn’t have come back. I’ll let you all hate her for life. I’ll—”

Before she could finish, a tight slap landed on her face. The ‘piak’ sound made was extremely loud. Even Xia Yixuan’s face became numb instantly. She held her face in disbelief… Shen Yijun hit her. She actually slapped her; even her father had never hit her before. This old woman had the guts to slap her like this in the airport under the eyes of a huge crowd of people.

“How could you hit me? Who do you think you are? Do you really think that you are my mother? Listen up, I have never thought of you as my mother because you are only my stepmother, a babysitter that my father had given me. My mother died a long time ago!” shouted Xia Yixuan.

Shen Yijun let out a cold laugh. Yes, this was the person that she had favored since young, even using her own daughter as an exchange for this stepdaughter. Yet, she had never once seen Shen Yijun as her mother. Xia Yixuan was not worth it, really not worth it.

Other than the sour smile displayed on her lips, there was a touch of coldness to it as well.

“Why can’t I hit you? What can I not do?” retorted Shen Yijun as she inched closer towards Xia Yixuan to close in the gap, causing Xia Yixuan to suddenly feel guilty.

“Say. Why can’t I? Oh, right, I’m not your mother. I didn’t give birth to you, but you used your death-your selfishness—to land my daughter in such misery. Did you know that? Yes, I did hit you, but I also used this pair of hands to hit my daughter countless times.

“Xia Yixuan, I really don’t know. Are you really human? Do you ever feel a sense of remorse in your heart? Perhaps, I really did love the wrong person. Mingzheng,” — continued Shen Yijun as she turned to face him-“actually there’s something that Ruoxin had said correctly. In the past, I really wanted to please you because I was afraid of suffering. I was afraid of being poor; I was afraid that you wouldn’t like me so I used my daughter as my pawn to make you like me, to get you to feel guilty towards me… and so doing so many things that had let my daughter down.”