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Chapter 179 - Inauspicious Life Providence

Chapter 179 Inauspicious Life Providence

With an excellent-grade Companion Egg like Rebellious Knight, one would typically choose to hatch it unless they were already at the Epic stage and not have any need for a Legendary Companion Egg.

John had been running around with the Rebellious Knight Companion Egg without hatching it. This left Zhou Wen somewhat puzzled.

Hence, after obtaining Rebellious Knight, Zhou Wen carefully studied all of its attributes, including his Life Providence.

Then, Zhou Wen realized the problem. Although Rebellious Knight’s Life Providence being Knight of Destiny didn’t seem to be a problem, the blurb introducing it was very intriguing.

Knight of Destiny: Knight favored by destiny, the eternal protagonist.

Despite being a Companion Beast, he had a Life Providence of a protagonist. This clearly wasn’t a good thing. At the very least, John definitely thought so. Otherwise, there was no reason for him not to hatch Rebellious Knight.

After connecting the Rebellious Knight’s history with the knights of the round table, Zhou Wen was even more certain about his guess. The reason John hatched Sacred Spear Knight and not Rebellious Knight was definitely because of the same misgivings Zhou Wen had.

That round table knight was once the strongest knight under King Arthur, and together with King Arthur, he had established a glorious era together.

But it was also because of him that the round table knights fell apart. King Arthur’s death also drew the curtains on a legend.

No matter how great the legends and novels described this knight, it couldn’t erase his betrayal and selfishness. Like the famous Lu Bu in the East District, they had ended an era because of a woman.

Although humans could contract with Rebellious Knight, and not be afraid of his betrayal, it was ultimately not a good thing to have such an ominous Companion Beast by his side.

The main problem lay in him and his Life Providence. If I can remove the useless and jinxed Knight of Destiny Life Providence, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem, Zhou Wen thought.

Although John couldn’t resolve the problem, it wasn’t a problem that Zhou Wen was helpless against.

The mysterious phone had the ability to fuse Companion Beasts. As long as Rebellious Knight fused with other Companion Beasts, he could resolve the Life Providence’s problem.

Without a doubt, the best choice was to fuse him with the Mutated Demonized General. Both were Companion Beasts with mounts, so the chances of successfully fusing would be higher.

However, Zhou Wen had previously seen the Mutated Demonized General’s compatibility with Rebellious Knight. It was only 23%. Even Zhou Wen didn’t dare to risk with such a low probability. There was almost no chance of success.

Now that the Mutated Demonized General had undergone another fusion, Zhou Wen once again looked at his compatibility with Rebellious Knight. His compatibility score was even lower—11%.

From the looks of it, once a pet fuses, the compatibility score will drastically decrease. After repeated fusions, the compatibility score will drop even further. Zhou Wen naturally didn’t choose to have Rebellious Knight fuse with Mutated Demonized General. Therefore, up to now, Zhou Wen still hadn’t hatched it.

While recuperating, he gamed and killed monsters. To Zhou Wen, it didn’t matter. When he was grinding the Three-Eyed Golden Warriors, he obtained a 19-valued Constitution Crystal, allowing his Constitution to advance to 19 points.

Zhou Wen had previously heard from the Wu siblings that after gathering the three Primordial Energy Skills like the Astral Suction Palm, Astral Fist, and Astral Slash Blade, one would be able to destroy the arrow shot out from the gate.

However, the Mutated Demonized General already possessed three abilities and was still unable to dodge the might of the arrow. Therefore, Zhou Wen was skeptical about what he had heard previously.

Zhou Wen still went to Tiger Cage Pass every time, hoping to have the Astral Fist Primordial Energy Skill Crystal drop. Even if he countered that arrow, Astral Fist was still an extremely powerful Primordial Energy Skill.


He had casually cleaved a soldier to death when a Companion Egg dropped. It left Zhou Wen alarmed.

However, that was only an ordinary Mortal-stage soldier. It was useless even if its Companion Egg dropped.

However, Zhou Wen was surprised when he saw the system’s notification. The Mortal Companion Egg’s attributes were very ordinary, but it had a 97% compatibility with Rebellious Knight.

That can’t be, right? How can this Companion Egg have such a high affinity with Rebellious Knight? Zhou Wen carefully observed the soldier’s stats.

Saber Shield Soldier: Mortal stage.

Strength: 8

Speed: 6

Constitution: 7

Primordial Energy: 3

Talent Skill: None

Companion Form: None

It was basically a useless Mortal Companion Beast with average stats. It didn’t even have a talent skill or a companion form. It could be said that it was trash at the Mortal stage.

However, such a trash Companion Beast had such a high affinity with Rebellious Knight. This left Zhou Wen very surprised.

With a thought, Zhou Wen got the blood-colored avatar to hatch the Saber Shield Soldier. His attributes were identical to what he had seen before incubation-trash.

Then, Zhou Wen made an extremely bold decision. He used the Rebellious Knight’s Companion Egg as a supplement to fuse with the Saber Shield Soldier.

The main reason was that Zhou Wen wasn’t willing to make a pact with Rebellious Knight who had a problematic Life Providence, so it was useless keeping it. But since there was such a high success rate, he could try fusing it.

Zhou Wen didn’t have much hope in the first place, but after the pet’s fusion was completed, the attributes gave him a fright.

Saber Shield Knight: Legendary stage

Life Providence: Offense and Defense

Strength: 19

Speed: 19

Constitution: 19

Primordial Energy: 19

Talent Skill: Cross Sword, Everlasting Shield, Holy Steed Summoning, Holy Steed Battle Aura

Companion Form: None

The current Saber Shield Knight was completely different from the previous Saber Shield Soldier. He was wearing iron armor and riding on a black horse with a saber in one hand and a shield in the other. He looked extremely majestic and mighty.

The crux of the matter was that he had inherited the four talent skills of Rebellious Knight. The abilities were not much weaker than Mutated Demonized General with three main skills.

Zhou Wen was exhilarated. This fusion not only resolved the problem of the Life Providence, it also allowed him to possess yet another powerful Legendary warrior.

Now that I have Mutated Demonized General and Saber Shield Knight, I might be able to form a cavalry team in the future if I get a few more. Zhou Wen glanced at the compatibility score of Saber Shield Knight and Mutated Demonized General. It actually reached 49%.

After some hesitation, Zhou Wen gave up on the fusion, unwilling to take the risk.

During the few days of recuperation, Zhou Wen lived rather comfortably. But on the seventh day, the white flower on the Dead Man Tree completely bloomed, and its petals began withering.

After the flower wilted, a white fruit grew out which Zhou Wen could faintly see a blob of light within. It looked familiar, but also unfamiliar.