Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 486 – Provoke Qin Feng

“F * ck …” Legs, your father’s leg is missing? ” Zhang Hui felt that what happened tonight was extremely strange. He even prayed that he was dreaming.

“Young Master Zhang, don’t worry, you’ve found your leg!” The bodyguard who picked up Fang Xing’s arm came running back while hugging Zhang Hui’s bloody right leg. He had picked up two young masters’ arms and legs in succession tonight and was extremely happy.

“Damn it, your father’s leg is broken …” It ended just like that? Aooo! It hurts, it hurts! Who exactly is fighting against my Zhang Clan and Fang Clan in the dark? If you have the guts, then stand out! Don’t be a cowardly tortoise! Aooo!

“AHHH!” Zhang Hui’s incision began to spray out blood. He was in so much pain that he wanted to die. Even now, he still hadn’t seen his enemy. This feeling was both terrifying and unbearable.

“Wah! Young Master Zhang, your leg is actually broken, what should we do? What should I do? ” The bodyguard that was hugging Zhang Hui’s right leg finally came back to his senses. He was so scared that he threw his leg away. His thigh smashed right into Zhang Hui’s head, causing Zhang Hui to faint!

“Ai Hui, why did you knock Young Master Zhang out?” The rest of the bodyguards returned to their senses and saw the scene of Ai Hui knocking Zhang Hui unconscious.

Ai Hui jumped up in shock. He looked at the ferocious glares from the bodyguards and said, “It’s not me, it’s those two brats. I saw them earlier, they were the ones who used the hidden weapons and cut off the arms and legs of Young Master Zhang and Young Master Fang. Now that the two young masters are heavily injured, we should quickly capture them.

“Yes! It was these two who injured the young master. Let’s attack together and capture them alive. ”

The bodyguards snapped out of their shock. They were currently stuck in a dilemma, so they simply put all the blame on Qin Feng and Yun Ze. They wanted to fight the two of them.

The weakest was an inner level two martial artist, and there was even an inner level four martial artist mixed in. Such a team of martial artists would be quite strong in Acropolis City, because even in Qin Feng’s generation, an inner level four could be considered a martial cultivating genius.

“Brother Qin Feng, hurry and leave with your girlfriend. I’ll help you block them for a while!” The person in front of him was real. Yun Ze had a serious expression on his face. He was only an inner layer third level martial artist, so he clearly wasn’t a match for these people, but he still bravely stood out. After all, the woman in Qin Feng’s embrace was an ordinary person.

Xiu Xiu! *

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Qin Feng didn’t need to say anything because he had already done something!

Qin Feng’s hands continuously danced in the air. Streaks of white light flashed through the crowd like fireflies, fleeting and erratic!

The bodyguards who were charging towards them were like a special effect shot from a movie. As they ran, they suddenly lost their arms and legs, and some of them even directly flew out. Some of them even landed on their heads, while some of them were still moving forward due to inertia …


Lin Bei Bei was really scared. She couldn’t help but squat to the side and spit on the ground.

Yun Ze was a martial artist of the third floor after all. Normally, he had accepted many quests in the Warrior Guild, so it was normal for him to fight and kill others. However, at this moment, his face had turned pale from the brutal scene before him, and goosebumps could be clearly seen all over his body.

This time, Yun Ze saw clearly that these strange white lights were sent out by Qin Feng. Yun Ze couldn’t see Qin Feng’s true strength, and he only knew that if Qin Feng attacked him, he wouldn’t even have the chance to resist!

The sound of wind blades breaking through the wind and the howls of wolves rose and fell one after another. The originally quiet and cozy cubicle suddenly burst into an uproar! All the guests at the other tables have be frightened

Those who could come to the Royal Clubhouse to spend money were obviously well-known figures in Acropolis City. Almost everyone knew Fang Xing and Zhang Hui, and when they saw that the two of them were crippled and had their hands and feet broken, they didn’t dare to cause trouble for Qin Feng. They had to thank the heavens for quietly running away!

After a while, the wind blades disappeared, and the howls and howls of ghosts also died down. The compartment that was originally empty was now empty except for Qin Feng and Yun Ze standing there. The rest of them were lying in pools of blood.

Xiu Xiu! *

Qin Feng sent out another two Wind Blades that hit Fang Xing and Zhang Hui’s bodies. The two of them fainted from the pain before and were now awoken by the pain!

“You … You dare to make a move? You actually dared to f * cking make a move. Do you know who’s the boss in Acropolis? All four great families have changed hands, and you still dare to act so arrogantly. Qin Feng, you’ll regret it …” Fang Xing had just woken up, but he didn’t see Qin Feng’s peerless bravery. He was still yelling at Qin Feng.


Before Fang Xing could finish his sentence, a wind blade slashed past him, and his other arm instantly flew into the air.

Everyone was stupefied. They looked at Qin Feng as if they were looking at a demon crawling out of hell. In front of him, they felt as if they wanted to bow down and worship him.

“You’re still fighting? You dare to make a move? Your father will make you wish you were dead! ” Fang Xing looked at the empty cuffs. They were already in a crazed state, and he didn’t even care about the pain of losing an arm. He cursed Qin Feng like a madman.

Qin Feng’s expression was calm, as if he couldn’t hear Fang Xing’s howls. He slightly raised his hand and a white light flashed!

“Pu ci!”

This time, Fang Xing’s left leg was cut off, but it didn’t fly out. It landed right in front of Fang Xing, and Fang Xing’s curses came to a stop. Looking at his last remaining right leg, he finally came to his senses.

Qin Feng was back. He really was back!

His Victorious Return was here for revenge! He no longer needed to rely on the Acropolis City’s Qin family’s influence. In fact, with Qin Feng’s current abilities, he could revive the Acropolis City’s Qin family!

“Young Master Qin, Big Brother Qin, Young Master Qin, Old Master Qin, Father Qin, Ancestor Qin … Please spare me, I don’t dare to offend you anymore. In the future, if I see you, I will immediately scram. I beg you, please let me go this time! ” Fang Xing had finally returned to reality, directly kowtowing and begging for mercy.

Zhang Hui also came back to his senses. He looked at Fang Xing, then at himself, and the gloominess in his heart from having one of his legs broken suddenly dissipated, and he started to kowtow and beg for mercy, “Father Qin, Grandfather Qin, Ancestor Qin, you have a lot of people. Just let us go like farts.

Qin Feng felt disgusted when he saw how the two of them were being so cheap and cheap. He picked up Lin Bei Bei who was squatting on the ground and gently placed her on a comfortable spot in the air to let her rest.

“Qin Feng, be careful!” Lin Bei Bei suddenly grabbed Qin Feng’s arm with a nervous and worried expression.

Qin Feng tapped Lin Bei Bei on her red lips, patted her head, and smiled: “It’s fine. Sit here and rest. I’ll be right back!”

When the crowd saw this scene, they were also speechless. When Qin Feng returned to stand in front of everyone, Fang Xing and Zhang Hui took the lead, and the rest of the lackeys, like the two young masters, kowtowed and apologized.

“Brother Yunze, why don’t you leave first? I’ll take care of the rest myself!” Qin Feng ignored the people who were kowtowing and looked at Yun Ze with a smile.

“Brother Qin Feng is preparing …” Yun Ze frowned slightly but did not say it directly.

“These people have a grudge against me to begin with, so I will naturally do as you say …”

“You know your limits. The Fang family and Zhang family still have some small influences in Acropolis City. I also do not wish to implicate Brother Yun with this matter.”

“Brother Qin Feng, since I’ve made my move, I’m not afraid of their retaliation. These uncultured evil people relied on the power of their family to run amok. Kill them and eliminate them for the common people!” Yun Ze didn’t have any intentions of backing down. Qin Feng was moved by this person’s righteousness, but he still refused.

“I appreciate Brother Yun’s good intentions. Take this Blood Vital Pill and find a quiet place to eat it. It can help you break through to the fourth level quickly!” Qin Feng waved his hand and a blood-red pill appeared in his palm. The smell of blood in the area was instantly filled with the medicine’s fragrance.

Yun Ze’s expression changed greatly as he stared at the Blood Qi Pill in Qin Feng’s hand with a burning gaze. He clearly knew how precious this pill was. After a long while, Yun Ze finally came back to his senses. “Brother Qin, this gift of yours is too valuable. I can’t accept it!”

Yun Ze came from a large family in the capital. He was well aware of the Blood Qi Pills’ effects, but he still refused them. This action caused Qin Feng to be slightly startled, and his impression of Yun Ze multiplied.

“Brother Yun, there’s no need to be courteous. I still have a lot of Blood Qi Pills with me. Furthermore, with my current strength, I don’t need these pills anymore. You can have them!” At this time, Qin Feng forcibly stuffed the Blood Qi Pill into Yun Ze’s pocket. Yun Ze hesitated for a good while, but in the end, he still accepted it.

“Brother Qin, there’s no need to thank me. Leave your contact information for me. When I break through to the fourth level, I’ll come and find you to reminisce about the past.”

Qin Feng gave Yun Ze his cell phone number. Yun Ze immediately called him: “This is my number, then I’ll go first!”

With the Blood Qi Pill, Yun Ze was anxious to break through. Qin Feng didn’t keep him and watched him leave.

After Yun Ze left, Qin Feng turned around and looked at the group lying in the pool of blood. A thick killing intent emanated from Qin Feng’s body!

“Ancestor Qin, have mercy, have mercy!”

“Grandfather Qin, please don’t kill me. Our Zhang Family can give you money, a lot of money. If you need any cultivation resources, our Zhang Family will do our best to get them for you!”

Fang Xing and Zhang Hui both felt the murderous aura from Qin Feng’s body and knew that Qin Feng was ready to kill. They were so scared that they wanted to pee, so they started to kowtow to Qin Feng with all their might.

Qin Feng’s killing intent didn’t decrease at all. He was determined to kill the two of them because the two of them didn’t have good intentions. If they were able to see Lin Bei Bei wanting to take over her today, then maybe tomorrow they would target Bai Qing, Liu Wen Jing, Zhao Ling Xian, or Li Yu Chen.


A white light flashed, and just as Fang Xing was about to kowtow, he was sent flying all the way to Zhang Hui. Zhang Hui jumped up in fright, one of his legs was on the ground, and his lower body suddenly felt hot and wet.

“Damn it, fuck it, fuck it…” Ancestor Qin, have mercy, don’t kill me, I have a secret to tell you, you will definitely like it! ” Seeing Qin Feng raise his hand slightly, Zhang Hui was so scared that he wanted to poop.

Qin Feng waved his hand in the middle and suddenly put it away: “What secret?”

“Ancestor Qin, there are too many people here. How about we find a quiet place and I’ll tell you immediately!” Zhang Hui hurriedly said.

Qin Feng raised his hands again with an ice-cold expression: “Don’t play tricks with me. If you want to stall for time so you can call in reinforcements, then don’t waste your time. I’ll kill as many people as you call!”

“I dare not dare, I really do have an important secret to share with Ancestor Qin. If others hear about it, it might leak out!” Zhang Hui had a sincere expression on his face. From the looks of it, he was not lying.

Qin Feng hesitated for a moment, then made a grabbing motion with his hand and pulled Zhang Hui to the booth where Lin Bei Bei was sitting.