Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 690 - Are You Trying to Say that He Doesn’t Care About Me Anymore?

Chapter 690: Are You Trying to Say that He Doesn’t Care About Me Anymore?

Luosang looked at Yan Su while stroking her hair.

“Does it have something to do with whatever happened between you two?” asked Yan Su.

Seeing the concerned and anxious look on Yan Su’s face, Luosang felt pity for her, and also felt a little sad. Seriously, Yan Su had been so worried about Shi Xiang all this time. If anything happened to Shi Xiang, she would be more worried for him than she would ever be for herself.

Abruptly, Luosang asked with a complicated look, “Su, I want to ask you a question. Do you trust me?”

Yan Su paused briefly and had a bad feeling rising from her heart. But still, she nodded and said, “Luo, I trust you. We’ve only known each other for around a year, but we know each other’s pasts better than anyone else. I clearly know what kind of person you are.”

Luosang sighed and nodded.

Then, Yan Su first spoke out with her guess, “Was there a conflict between you and Shi Xiang? Was it because he was always late for work and made you work late with him…”

“Su, I’ve met all sorts of unprofessional actors and actresses at work,” Luosang interrupted her and continued, “Su, I hope you can prepare yourself for what I’m about to tell you.”

Yan Su licked her lips which weren’t really dry. She was a pretty calm person, but when it came to Shi Xiang, she became nervous even before anything started.

Luosang dropped the towel, frowned, and said, “Su, I don’t know how deeply you and Shi Xiang loved each other back in high school. You even gave up on your own family for him and came to a strange place to study and work alone, so I guess you must love him so, so deeply. Many couples in a long-distance relationship break up in a year or two, but you’ve been maintaining your relationship for nearly four years. Haven’t you wondered if there’s something wrong during the past four years?”

Yan Su blinked. She tried to ignore the uneasy feeling in her heart while stuttering, “What… what is wrong?”

“I’ve asked Ji Nuanyi about it. Earlier, she worked with a Korean male star. They were in the crew together every day. She said that the agency was indeed very strict with him, but it wasn’t so bad that he could only make a personal phone call every four or even five days, and that he always needed to be extra careful. Besides, no matter how busy he was, he always had a couple of hours of sleeping time a day, right? Did his company even hire people to watch him while he was sleeping?”

Yan Su’s delicate face started turning pale. “Sangsang, are you trying to say that he doesn’t care about me anymore? If he has fallen in love with someone else, if he doesn’t love me anymore, he could have told me about it. I’m not someone who’d expose his scandals after breaking up.”

“Su, perhaps he still loves you. After all, you’ve done so much for him, so he made you a promise. He told you that as long as you become a star, you two can be together openly. He told you that he’s still young, but how can you be sure that he will really keep his word when he reaches the top and becomes a real superstar?” Luosang sounded a little emotional. She wasn’t blaming Yan Su for being silly. She had been silly once, too. She simply disliked Shi Xiang.

Yan Su opened her mouth, paused briefly, and then asked in a dry voice, “Sangsang, did something happen when you were in Beijing?”

“Yes,” Luosang nodded. “Because he stood you up, I went to talk to him. I asked him to treat you well, but he got angry. He said that I’m mad at him because he refused to help me when I was competing against the other dubbers for roles in the game. He thought I was bearing grudges for that. I felt really annoyed. But still, it wasn’t a big thing. He doesn’t know me, after all. However, his assistant told the director that I tried to seduce him, so the director immediately switched my schedule with Zhou Wanke’s and scolded me.”