Dominating Sword Immortal

Chapter 907 - Another Huge Cultivation Base Advancement

Chapter 907: Another Huge Cultivation Base Advancement

Sky Shattering Sword Arts and Autumn Sword arts—the former was space profound centric while the latter was metal and water profound centric. These two sword arts would be the future of Ye Chen’s three great profounds. As for the Vibrational Sword Arts, they were a bit unique. This art could be considered a skill based sword art. The first style, Sky Cutting Sword, was purely based on vibrational power. The second style, the third style, and the subsequent ones would be merely an upgrade to the first style, making the vibrational power more powerful. Thus, it was somewhat unique.

Meanwhile, developing the second style of Sky Shattering Sword Arts would be much more challenging than developing Congealing Water, which was the second style of Autumn Sword Arts.

Space profound was one of the most powerful profounds. Seventy percent completion space profound was equivalent to two hundred and ten percent completion of ordinary profounds. What kind of sword move could bring out seventy percent completed space profound? Ye Chen had no idea, so he could only take one step at a time. Who knew he might even have some inspirations in the process!

‘Bewitching Mirror Shattering first traps and then attacks, which somewhat weakens the destructive power. The next move should be focused on increasing the destructive power!’ Ye Chen developed the basic idea for the second move of Sky Shattering Sword Arts. “However, I’ve to recover my cultivation base first of all.”

It was exceptionally difficult for Life and Death Kings to recover Zhen Yuan. In terms of essence, it was more than ten times the Zhen Yuan of high-stage half-step Kings and five times the peak of the third layer of life-and-death-chamber realm. This was a frighteningly pure Zhen Yuan, and thus, the efficacy of converting the Yuan Qi of heaven and earth into Zhen Yuan was greatly reduced. Life and Death Kings had cultivation bases of tens of years at lower end, and hundreds of years at the higher end. They also differed in quality. For example, Ye Chen had a hundred year cultivation base after his Zhen Yuan increased. Yet, a few hundred years of his cultivation base might be superior to some other King’s thousand year cultivation base.

Thus, Kings could only look for external things to restore their cultivation base. It could be supreme grade spirit stones, Zhen Yuan crystals, or something like a cultivation paradise.

During this half a month, Ye Chen had been continually in the state of one-with-the-heavens and never circulated his Green Lotus Sword Arts. Thus, his Zhen Yuan never completely recovered. So, he took out a large amount of supreme grade spirit stones and began refining them.

Ten thousand stones!

Thirty thousand stones!

Fifty thousand stones!

Hundred thousand stones!

Two hundred thousand stones!

Two hundred thousand supreme grade spirit stones cost for him to restore his cultivation base to the hundred year mark. He then circulated the Green Lotus Sword Arts for one hundred eight body circles, branding the newly added Zhen Yuan with his own aura. Hereon, as long as he didn’t lose too much Zhen Yuan, he would be able to quickly recover Zhen Yuan.

Having attained a hundred year cultivation base, Ye Chen didn’t stop. He took out the more than two hundred million Zhen Yuan crystals from the storage ring. They flew out, creating a huge pile before him and looking like a small, resplendent, crystalline mountain. These Zhen Yuan crystals were not good enough to make the standard of low grade Zhen Yuan crystals. Five of them made up for one low grade Zhen Yuan crystal. However, their numbers were enough to make for the difference in quality.

If one wished to increase their cultivation base, their state of mind must have reached sufficient realm as well, which included one’s control. If one didn’t have sufficient control, all the excess Zhen Yuan in one’s body would dissipate by itself. However, under normal circumstances, the treasures to increase cultivation base were exceptionally rare, and everybody slowly increased their cultivation base. Thus, the problem of control rarely became a factor.

Time flowed like a river as Ye Chen’s cultivation base increased.

One hundred and ten years.

One hundred and twenty years.

One hundred and fifty years.

Two million Zhen Yuan crystals increased his cultivation base by fifty years, and Ye Chen didn’t feel a trace of burden. His state of mind seemed sturdy enough to control even more Zhen Yuan.

All the Zhen Yuan crystals in his possession had been completely used, and the supreme grade spirit stones were reduced by twenty thousand, leaving behind eight hundred fifty thousand stones. Although supreme grade spirit stones were not as precious as low grade Zhen Yuan crystals, they were still about a third of its price, and his eight hundred and fifty thousand supreme grade spirit stones were enough to increase his cultivation base by thirty more years.

“Continue.” Following a rest, Ye Chen continued to increase his cultivation base. In the end, his cultivation base attained one hundred and eighty years, leaving behind a hundred and thirty thousand spirit stones. Ye Chen intended to save these so that he could have some on him. After all, who knew they might come in handy in the future! Supreme grade spirit stones were the most common currency amongst the circle of Life and Death Kings indeed.


Letting out a breath, Ye Chen stood up and stretched his body.

“Next, I should create the second style of Sky Shattering Sword Arts.”

Creating a sword move was different from comprehending profound. Comprehension was understanding while creating sword moves was utilization. If one could comprehend but not utilize, it was useless. Comprehension, then utilization—this was the martial dao, the sword dao.

The great dao was formless, but martial dao and sword dao had form.

“Nine Nethers, after so many years, you are becoming increasingly younger.” In the depths of the void, two black figures stood across each other. One was a long-horned fiendish, three meters tall man while the other was a youngster who looked around fifteen years old. Only his two scarlet eyes seemed to be able to suck one’s soul out of his body, causing others to not directly look at him.

The youngster smiled, “Horned Demon, you people are still stuck hiding in the shadows. Don’t you feel bored?”

“It’s boring, but it’s safe at least.”

“Not necessarily! I heard you lot have already changed your stronghold several times. I wonder what number is it now? On the other hand, although I’ve lost my original body, I’ve already obtained a new body, and the rules of True Spirit World would no longer reject me. As long as I’ve time, I can completely restore myself to the limits, and even attaining six star battle strength is not an impossibility.”

“But with your current four star battle strength, a single Mysterious Queen is enough to kill you.” The fiendish man struck back.

“Hehe, this enmity will certainly be repaid, but now is not the time. Speak, who do I have to look for?” Not looking for a fight, the youngster asked.

“Ye Chen…You should be aware.”

“Oh, him. No wonder! I’ve heard about him long ago.” The youngster faintly nodded, “Take me to the places he’s visited so that I can find his aura, then he is yours.”

“Come!” The fiendish man’s figure flickered, flying across while the youngster followed closely behind him.

An hour later, the two arrived above the boundless ocean, where several blood guardians were holding watch. Seeing the fiendish man coming over, the head blood guard walked over and respectfully greeted, “Lord!”

“Is this the place?” The fiendish man asked.

“Yes. Lord Gray Bird King’s remains are still here.”

“Good. You can leave. Nine Nethers, you can start!” The fiendish man turned to the youngster.

“Of course!” The youngster’s expression gravened. He closed his eyes and instantly reopened them. “Nine Nethers Soul Search!”

Deep, sparkling blue rays spread out of the youngster’s body, covering hundreds of li. In the next moment, countless light specks converged into five different light dots. Amongst the five varieties contained the light dot belonging to Ye Chen. This light dot gave off a sharp aura, evidently left behind by a sword artist.

“It’s him!”

The fiendish man instantly recognized Thunder Pursuing King, Beard King, Ironarm King, and Gray Bird King’s light dots. Thus, the remaining one naturally belonged to Ye Chen.

“Alright! With this aura, finding him is very easy.” As he spoke, the youngster called back the blue light rays and made them surround Ye Chen’s aura, creating a sparkling blue sphere. The sphere hovered in the sky, seemingly weightless.

“Nine Nether Perception!” The youngster growled and spurted a mouthful of demonic power on the sphere.


Having received the supplement of energy, the light sphere shot across the sky, heading far into the distance.

“We can find him by following it.” The youngster followed the sphere while speaking to the fiendish man.

“The great Nine Nethers Art is indeed mysterious.” The fiendish man sighed and chased after the youngster.

The sphere’s speed kept increasing. Every once in a while, the youngster would spout a mouthful of demonic power on the sphere to sustain it.

“Almost there.”

The light sphere’s speed was now three times compared to the beginning. Ye Chen’s aura inside seemed boiling, as if eager to return home.

On a nameless island, Ye Chen was repeatedly waving his sword. His sword moved in-sync with spatial ripples: The second style of Sky Shattering Sword Arts was gradually taking shape.

The space profound was the most abstruse, and it had innumerable applications. Moving the sword along the spatial ripples allowed the sword to reach the speeds of spatial flickers. Within a limited distance, it could completely disregard the distance between two sides, and the sword could instantly hit the opponent. If the latter didn’t have sufficient defense, they would instantly die. Moreover, moving the sword along the spatial ripples also kept the sword energy concentrated, with not a trace being wasted.

However, to this moment, Ye Chen had no means of coinciding the sword’s trajectory with spatial ripples. He hadn’t cultivated any teleportation art. Thus, accomplishing this feat was exceptionally hard, and he could only fumble his way through, often returning back to his starting point.

However, compared to the beginning, he’d definitely made some progress. Out of a thousand sword trajectories, one sword trajectory completely coincided with the spatial ripples, and the destructive power it emitted was frightening, unimaginably more powerful than Bewitching Mirror Shattering and Congealing Water.

“Eh! Why do I feel like my aura is approaching me?” Suddenly, Ye Chen stopped training as he raised his head and looked into the depths of the sky.

“Open!” Opening his erect silver eye, he peered into the sky.

“It’s this blue light sphere?”

Out of all the things the silver eye transmitted to his brain, Ye Chen’s attention immediately went to the blue light sphere. This blue light sphere was enclosing his aura within.

Seeing that, Ye Chen’s eyes shone. A few moments later, two figures and a blue light sphere appeared in his vision.

“It’s him!” The youngster beckoned. The blue light sphere scattered into blue light rays, which returned back to his body. The aura contained within the sphere scattered into the heaven and earth as well.

“These two…They’re not from this world.” Ye Chen could tell that the demonic aura coming from their bodies was completely different from Murong’s demonic power aura. The former two’s demonic aura was completely incompatible with this world while Murong’s aura didn’t give him this feeling.