Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 48

Chapter 48: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 48

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The next day, I came to Vittevo Mansion with Serira. To see Silvia because she can’t move due to her pregnancy!

I was scared, but I told my dad I’d like to visit her. However, Caitel let me visit her easier than I thought. Well, his actions towards Silvia was always a little dubious. I’ had been watching him for quite a while, but he didn’t seem to dislike her. There were certain signs of him staying away from Silvia, but it’s similar to the atmosphere in which he gives Serira…

Does he just doesn’t like women?

But according to those rumors, I don’t think he’s a eunuch. Is it misogyny? I don’t think so. He’s a strange man. Is he just misanthrope? Yeah, I think that’s right. His misanthrope embedded in his bone. My dad is like an onion. More and more things come off when I get to know him deeply.

“It’s an honor for you to come in person.”

Silvia loved the garden. She loved the garden, the patronage, the greenhouse. I could tell by the fact that all the places I’ve been playing with her for the last six months were like that. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just a little strange that a pink person likes green so much.


People told me to call her ‘Godmother,’ but I felt comfortable calling her Sil. Of course, Silvia also seemed to prefer me to call her Sil. Actually, she seems to want to hear me say “mom” the most, but my face is not thick enough to call you “mom.” Besides, I haven’t even called Serira a mother yet. I call her a mother inside, but…

Maybe it’s because I met Graecito, and when her real son in front of me, I didn’t want to call her a mother. Let’s stop here…

“Oh my, hello princess!”


I heard she started eating a lot after getting pregnant, but she’s still so thin all over except for her belly! Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The world was always unfair, darn it.

“Yes, princess. There’s a baby.”

“I like baby!”

Silvia smiles softly at my words. Her smile was so warm that my heart also felt warm. But what is this feeling? I feel like I have a younger sibling. Yeah, that’s how it felt. It’s nice but also a little bit sad.

When this baby is born, I will be pushed to second place for Silvia and Ferdel. No matter how cute and pretty I am, I’m someone else’s child. Surely your child is prettier. Yeah, that’s the principle. It’s a little bit disappointing, but I can’t help it. I already envy the baby a little.

“Do you like it?”


But Silvia likes it so much. Also, Ferdel loves it. I hope the baby is born safe and well. Then I will treat you like my sibling.

I looked at Silvia’s belly really amazing look, and she smiles. Serira brought me a little cold tea. My own cup with a handle on it. How cute.

“I hear you had a pain in your stomach? It must be hard for you to even sit down.”

“It’s okay now. I used to be so surprised that I thought I was going to miscarry, but fortunately, it wasn’t like that way.”

“I know there’s less chance of miscarriage after six months. It’s okay. You’re going to give birth to a healthy baby.”

Taking a sip of tea, I looked at them alternately, rolling them in the eye. Serira and Silvia, whose names were similar and similar in disposition and character.

So they became very close while taking care of me. They have so many similarities, of course, it was natural for them to get close. And Serira is originally Count Pastryl’s wife, so there’s nothing Serira is below the level of Silvia.

I handed her the cup I had finished, and Silvia smiles and grabs my hand.

“Now, hold your ear close.”

Huh? What are you asking me to do, to this belly? But I put my ears on her belly as Silvia told me. Well, um, what am I doing?

What, Huh?

“The baby’s kicking!”

That’s amazing! There’s a real baby in here. It felt a bit strange.

“The baby must like you, princess.”

“I like the baby, too!”

“Oh, really?”

It was good for no reason. Could the baby be defenseless by the baby? Oh, is it different because it’s a fetus?…. Something was amazing. A strange sensation winds around my body. I also felt a little excited.

“Yes! Good.”

I felt like I was losing my place before, but where’s that person? Sometimes I could feel something touching my hand when I put my hand on Silvia’s belly.

Wow, that’s amazing! Did I feel this when my mom had my siblings when I was a kid? The memory before the six is so hazy that I don’t remember it clearly. But it was really amazing. I wish the baby is a girl. I don’t mind if it’s a boy, but Ferdel wants a daughter. I hope it’s a daughter.

“Baby, hurry up and come out. Let’s play.”

Suddenly two women chuckled at my whispering. Why are you laughing? I look at Silvia and Serira in a sulky way and they hold back their laughter. Still, the small burst of laughter seemed to come out.

“Are you happy to have a younger sibling?”


Well, this baby is my sibling, yeah. I nodded.


Two people laugh at my answer again. What, am I funny? I was a little offended. Am I a funny little clown? Why are you two laught whenever I say something.

“My princess gets prettier every day.”

Uh, really? Am I pretty? I turned to Silvia and she smiled brightly and swept my head. I hastened her.

“Am I pretty?”

“Of course!”

Really? You’re not lying, right? Well, I know I’m pretty. I look like my dad. Hmm? Wait. That’s kind of sad.

“The princess has been pretty since she was born.”

Serira adds a word.

You are telling me ridiculous lies because I’m young. That’s ridiculous. No matter how much I like my praise, I know that’s a lie. I was pretty since I was born? All babies are pretty and cute! Even the beast is cute when it is young!