Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 43

Yeah, that was my delusion.

“I give you my permission to do so.”

Huh? Really? I opened my eyes wide and look at Caitel. He twisted his lips in my gaze. I heard the sound of the flat balloon.

“It’s better for a child to have a mother.”

Why did he sound like he was mocking someone? It sounded like it’s rather good for me to not have a mother. You bastard.

“Good for you.”

Whether Caitel’s sarcastic or not, Silvia was happy to have his permission. The act of Silvia rubbing my cheek was full of joy.

“Princess, It’s so wonderful.”

Well, I didn’t hate it either.

“I’ll do it, too, her godfather! I want to do it too!”

In the meantime, Ferdel got in. Oh, seriously. He should stop acting up.

Next to him, Caitel seemed annoyed. He looked at Ferdel with a sword that had not been removed yet.

“If I’ll be her godfather, and Silvia will be her godmother, doesn’t that make the princess our daughter?!”

Silvia smiled awkwardly.

Please read the mood… did he really have to say that right in front of my dad?


I was thinking it’s strange he was still alive even though he dug his graves by himself. Ferdel avoided the sword flying in his head and looked up at Caitel with a grudging gaze. Caitel let go of the sword in his hand without a word. A long sword melted into space.

That scene was amazing every time I saw it.

“You shall attend today’s meeting with me.”

“What? Hey, I’m on vacation! This is my honeymoon!”

“Shut up.”

Nobody told you to take a honeymoon trip to the royal palace.

“How could you be so mean! You crazy bastard.”

He looked pretty unfair, but I didn’t feel like I would feel pity him. A crazy bastard summoned his sword on Ferdel and called him a crazy bastard. Oh, no, so scary! Silvia stepped back for my safety.

It’s a wise choice.

“Surrender! Surrender!”

He cried out for surrender, but it didn’t work.

After all, Caitel stopped after he had cut off a few strands of Ferdel’s hair. He crumpled his face looking down at his hair on the floor. He wouldn’t have to work out, he was always like that.

“Wow, seriously.”

Ferdel complained in a low voice. At the slightest sound, Caitel turned his head. Ferdel was smiling like he was okay, but… As soon as Caitel’s eyes turned, the look immediately fell.


Should I live like this?!

That’s what he’s saying now? I know what he’s thinking. This big sister knew, but I couldn’t help it. That’s our life. It’s fucked up.

“It’s the last meeting before the war ceremony.”

“Oh, really? Is Assisi coming, then?”

Oh, was that famous Assisi here in the city now? That was more interesting to me. I always heard his name. I also had strange fantasies about him too. I mean, he’s called the black knight. It’s like Caitel being called a king of blood or a bloody emperor and Ferdel being called an iron chancellor.

However, why the black knight? It’s still a bit of a question.


Look at Ferdel. He’s excited for Assisi even though he hated attending the meetings. I had heard they were good friends, but it seemed like they were way closer than I imagined.

Huh? However, he was a close friend with Caitel too. What?

“We’ll be in the garden while you two are in a meeting.”

The snow piled up on the lake from outside Verita palace cooled my eyes. The white snow reminded me of the leaves of the winter tree. There was no answer from Caitel. Only Ferdel smiled brightly and nodded.


I smiled and called him because I saw his eyes. He used to ignore me, but now he ignored me occasionally.

Caitel smiled little and reached out to me. The back of his hand swept my cheek. His touch made me feel weird. I think it’s cold, somehow cool and dry. I felt like I was in the dry water. Somehow, it beautifully hurt…

“Your Majesty!”

My thoughts were soon cut off. Someone’s voice rushed in and called the Caitel. Huh? What’s happening? My eyes were turned with Caitel’s. The servant, who came into the drawing room in a hurry, knelt on the floor.

“What is it?”

Caitel took his hand off of me, and I pouted my lips. When Caitel’s gaze turned to him, that man flinched.

“Well, that, the…”

The more he hesitated, the worse it would be. My thoughts were correct. At the moment Caitel was about to get annoyed, his head was drooping.

“The Kaldoras prison, it was ambushed by a group of unknown assailants!”

Ferdel stood up from his seat.


Caitel’s reaction was also serious. Wait, so the prison was attacked? Prison. What was the prison for? For eating? To party? To lock up people? What the hell’s happening?

“The Kaldoras prison is about to, uh, those assassins….”

When Ferdel shook his servant by the shoulder, he felt embarrassed and stammered. I clasped Silvia’s cloth tight, and she looked at the situation with a startled face.

“Tell me again.”

Resummoned sword got close to the servant’s neck with a dark spirit. It’s not cut completely, but it was really close. However, if it penetrated his neck a little more, it would likely cause a scar on his skin. His rugged features and exhaling bloody spirit made him look like someone else.

“Y, your Majesty.”

The servant’s body trembled like a tree. I couldn’t see the way it looked. That’s what most of the guys in front of my dad were like. Being away from him, of course, did not mean I could avoid that spirit, either.

I was scared. Silvia was shivering a bit too.


Ferdel, the only one who didn’t tremble, stoped Caitel. It worked because he was Caitel’s friend. He put his sword away.

The sword was not removed, but the servant was relieved to breathe. Well now, it seemed like Caitel was controlling himself… but his spirit was strong. I didn’t know if it was because I was a baby, but it was really hard to breathe. I was scared.

Suddenly, Caitel snatched his servant by the neck. He made him stood up with one hand by grabbing his servant’s throat and told him.

“If any of that was a lie, I will have your tongue plucked out.”

At Caitel’s threat, the servant grabbed his neck and barely nodded. That would have been his best because Caitel lifted his throat to the point of strangling him.

“Let’s go.”

Caitel left the palace.