Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 40

I wasn’t the only one frustrated. Serira answered him in a slightly sharp voice. Somehow she sounded angry.

“Babies are more delicate than you’d expect. If you kept scrubbing her that hard, her skin would have been scraped off”


Yeah, look at my arm!

I was angry at him, but as soon as Caitel saw me, I grinned. Damn it! Yeah, I still wanted to live.

“How troublesome.”

Somehow he seemed to be having difficulties.

What’s so difficult for you? This was so obvious.

However, this obvious things seemed extremely difficult for Caitel. Suddenly, when I thought his scarlet eyes had subsided darkly, Caitel closed his eyes.

His deep sigh reached my ears.

Since then, Caitel learned to bathe fairly quickly. Of course, Serra taught him, but it was still quite fast. Of course, there was my sacrifice.

My arm was still sore. I saluted myself. Good job, me.

“Did you enjoy your bath?”

Caitel, who left it up to Serra to finish washing and drying me, looked tired somehow.

However, when did he get a bath?

He finished washing up while I was drying my hair and getting changed, and he came to me brushing off his wet hair.

By the way, would he please put some clothes on? He should put his own gown on.

“I see you laugh quite often.”

It’s because I didn’t want to die yet…

Let’s stop because I felt like tearing up thinking about my unfortunate destiny.

He swept my cheek with his hand and smiled. His hands felt pretty cool because he just finished bathing.

Oh, it’s cool.

I felt refreshed because I just came out of the water.

I thought the bath was good. I felt like I was limp, like melted chocolate but I liked it.

Oh, I wanted to eat chocolate all of a sudden.

“You seem to like it.”

He smiled. It was rare. His smile was so comfortable, and It was a little surprising.

He knew how to make a face like this, huh?

I was just blinking my eyes on his bed, and suddenly Caitel sat on the bed with his gown on. His hand was holding a small box I had never seen.

“Here. This is for you.”

What was that?

I took the box from him and looked at him. We then had eye contact. Caitel laughed. He soon opened the box in my hand. I opened my eyes wide on the red jewel.

It was a very small ring.

With very red ruby on top. Red and somehow purple ruby caught my eyes. It was a beautiful ring that would take my heart away in a moment.

I raised my head in amazement as Caitel was smiling at me. It was not a big smile as usual, but I didn’t even think of criticizing it.

Was this gist gift for me?

I was a bit confused. I did not know how to react to him. My mouth was open, but no words had come out.

What should I say? Ah… You cheater. This was foul play.

I didn’t expect Caitel to give me a gift. For some reason, I never imagined this would happen. Actually, it’s little obvious to think of it, but I didn’t know until he gave me the box. Suddenly, his hand patted my head lightly.


A low, somewhat attentive voice.

“Happy birthday.”

He looked embarrassed to say that.

  • End. Dranste.

“You’ll regret it.”

Caitel frowned when the curtain suddenly opened wide. He was still sleeping and he lifted his arm up to cover his eyes.

“What is this all about?”

His mood was very low because it was morning, but Caitel got used to him since this was not his first time.

The man who stood against the window and looking at him was, of course, Dranste. Caitel’s face was crumpled when he saw who it was. Seeing that face, Dranste smiled.

The morning sun was shining white in his back window.

“You’ll regret it.”

“What regret?”

What he was saying at early in the morning was great. That was not a big deal because Caitel heard it before. Caitel closed his eyes again.

A significant voice whispered in his ear.

“Well, you’ll see what happens.”

Dranste looked quite happy. Although one whos dealing him was not.

Caitel crumpled his face irritably and then opened his eyes again. He opened his mouth, glancing at the ceiling.

“What’s the matter with you when you say you won’t come for a while?”

Caitel’s voice was quite scary. Dranste wasn’t always in the position of being welcomed, but look at how much he hated him. Dranste felt a bit upset.

‘Did I live my life wrong?

Suddenly, he felt a sense of skepticism about his life.

As he stood for a moment frowning, the irritating voice of Caitel came out.

“Are you mute?”

‘I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but the way he talks… I think he’d get stabbed anywhere because he talks that way.

He was polite when he was young.’

Dranste felt the futility of life. In the past, they fought many times because of his way of speaking, but now, they wouldn’t anymore because he is the emperor. However, one day, Dranste predicted, something big would happen because of how he talked.

“I’m afraid I’m not mute yet.”

“Close the curtain. Not yet in the morning.”

As soon as he answered, Caitel criticized him. Dranste looked at the watch and shrugged his shoulder.

“It’s the right time for you to get up.”

He heared the irritating voice of Caitel. He really didn’t want to get up. Not knowing how Caitel felt because he didn’t sleep, Dranste just looked at him.

Finally, Caitel woke up with his hand on his head with a tired face. He looked dizzy.

“While watching you sleep, I started to believe humans truly forget about their past easily.”

Caitel’s eyes turned to Dranste. Dranste faced his eyes with his arms crossed, leaning against the window.

“You used to have trouble sleeping even for an hour a day, and now look at you. No matter how deeply asleep you are, you used to wake up right away when you sensed me looking at you.”

After hearing the old memories that came out of Dranste’s mouth, Caitel turned his eyes away. With his face chilly eyes, he presses on his forehead.

“Are you a pervert? Quit watching someone sleeping.”

“Your dream is quite fun to look at.”

Caitel glared at him. Dranste shrugged his shoulder at his sharp gaze.

Frankly, the days when the two of them were together was fresh and fun for Dranste, but painful days for Caitel. He hated to talk about that story. It was noticeable when Dranste watched his dreams. Of course, Caitel hated when Dranste appeared in his dreams so much, but it was a problem that Dranste never considered his feelings.

Caitel knew that very well.