Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 38

Even my moods were becoming strange in that air. At that moment, I found a boy hiding behind some old lady.

Wow, how many months was he?

He’s much bigger than me. He must know how to walk already!

“Come here, princess.”

Serira held me and took me to the boy.

“She is our princess. Say hello.”

Huh? Say hello to me?

When I looked back at Serra, she smiled at me.

“This is my son, Graecito. He’s quite small, isn’t he?”

‘This is your son?’

My curiosity grew bigger.

Oh, right, Serira had a son. He must be him.

I realized why Serira and Elene were embarrassed.

Really, how many months was he?

I was sure we’re not that far apart in age, but he looked a lot taller than me. It’s strange. I reached out to him. I was trying to measure how much bigger he was than I was, and at the moment, something flashed before my eyes.

G, Graecito!

Hey, did you just slap away my hand?

I couldn’t believe what just happened to me, so I just blinked my eyes. The old woman grabbed the child’s arm and pulled it into her arms.

Ugh, I was hurt.

This was the first time I had been refused ever since I was born here. Serira was more surprised than I was. She hugged me and patted me with her hand, kissing me on the cheek and forehead.

“I beg your pardon, he must be overwhelmed by this place. It’s not because of you, so please don’t mind him.”

You didn’t need to comfort me. I could tell he doesn’t like me. I could tell by his glare.

He cringed if he knew he was wrong, but somehow his green eyes were firm. I heard children were really sensitive to emotions, and I guessed that’s true. I could clearly feel someone’s emotions so well like this.

However, since when did he knew me enough to glare at me like that?

Today was my birthday. I felt sad.


In a stern voice, Serra called the child, but Graecito buried his face in the dress of the old woman he was holding on to.

Serra sighed low. Somehow I felt she was in trouble, so I pulled her pale blonde hair. Serira, let’s go back.

She stared at me for a moment, and Serra lightly kissed on my forehead. We came back to our seats.

“Do you like Gaecito?”


His name and appearance were like rabbits. I remembered the rabbit I got from Serira earlier. A big rabbit doll.

He looked just like that rabbit. So I would call it Cito.

“You’re already using a nickname for him.”

Serra seemed relieved I wasn’t as shocked as she thought. Her smiling face was a bit pitiful.

Before I appeared earlier, I didn’t think they were in a good mood. Well, hmm? Oh, I didn’t know. I shouldn’t care.

“Cito, Cito!”

Yeah, Graecito somehow felt hard, but when I called him Cito, it reminded me of the image of a chubby rabbit.

Yes, Rabbit, your name was Cito! I would hate you as much as I could from now on. This was punishment for slapping my hand on my birthday!

“What are you doing?”

Uh, this voice was…

My geniuses hadn’t lost its light. I turned my head, and Caitel came into my eyes. He had his usual aura around him, but he looked at me with a sharper gaze than usual.


“Come here.”

No, I didn’t want to.

You sucked, taking me from Serira’s arms as soon as you see me. Sob Sob.

When I was in his arms, I wondered what to say to him. Should I laugh? By the way, why did he looked grumpier than usual? Was his day longer?

Do I have to lighten the mood for you? Am I your personal clown?



No, why did I say that? Why did that name just popped out?

Serira suddenly looked flustered after hearing my words. It was the first time even for me to see her so flustered.


“Oh, well…”

Serira bit her lips. At that moment I saw Graecito and the old lady passing through.

He’s over there, the one who refused my hand!

“Cito, there!”

As I said so, Caitel turned his eyes. He looked at Cito once with dry eyes. He seemed to know who he was with a simple gesture.

“Isn’t that boy your son?”

“Yes, Your Majesty, It’s my honor you remember him.”

Serra was bowing her head as if she were guilty.

I was a little worried. Why was Serira acting like she did something wrong? Then I soon realized her position.

Oh, right. She was my nanny.

Maybe Serira was afraid to be mistaken as taking care of her son more than me. If it’s not, then whatever.

“I see.”

This bastard, what did he mean by that?

I looked at him, and he chuckled.

Why was he laughing, was my face funny, huh?

“So, you’ve taken a liking to him?”

… If he asked me like that, I was not sure how to answer. No, I didn’t really care about him actually.

It’s a difficult question. I had decided to use my technique.

My smile!

Here, daddy. I was smiling, so stop asking me something like that.


Fortunately, a savior appeared just in time before Caitel said something. I turned my head to a familiar voice. I admired myself for my own brilliance.


“Oh, you recognize me.”

Silvia greets me with a bright smile just like before.

She’s beautiful. I heard she’s 22. What did I do when I was 22?

Damn, why was she so pretty! Her cherry-blossom hair was waving. It was so pretty.

“Sil, Sil!”

“Happy birthday, Princess.”

Her gentle congratulation immediately made me felt so much better.

Wow! Silvia, I loved her Sob Sob.

Next to her, Ferdel also greeted me, but I didn’t hear his greeting. She’s my angel!

“This isn’t much, but I wanted to show my appreciation.”


It was definitely my present, but the one who got it was Caitel. As I felt embarrassed with my empty hand, I turned around and stare at my dad.

Hey, it’s mine! I would rip it off!

However, my f*cking father was taking a look at his daughter’s birthday present.

‘Oh, father, please have some manners.’