Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 283

Chapter 283: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 283

I was seriously considering slapping him in a face, and Dranste tilted his head and smiled brightly.

“Hmm, what could it be? Maybe about life?”

What was he talking about? He really needed to stop fooling around with me.

He had been drinking since noon, and I guessed he was really drunk and out of his mind. I glared severely at Dranste. Come on, it would be better for him if he would just tell me who you are, Dranste.

Dranste suddenly smiled softly as if he heard the cry in my heart.

“Do you want me to tell you who I am?”


What’s the matter? I was a little carried away.

Whenever I told him to reveal his identity, Dranste would always try to just move on or just ignored me. However, today, surprisingly, he responded to me for some reason.

Did he get shot in the head? Oh, wait. There’s no such thing as a gun here.

Anyway, I was a bit curious, so I landed my upper body forward when he beckoned me to come closer. It’s a little odd. Why did we need to be this close? Dranste’s face comes closer.

I held my breath. Dranste made a serious face.

Then he says…

“It’s a secret!”

‘Do you want to die?’

He should be sincerely relieved that I was a gentle person! If he was tricking someone crazy like my dad, he would have pulled out his sword already.

Dranste laughed at my angry, scary face. He beat the table with his palms, and he also hit his stomach. This was such a mess. He was an idiot! Oh, I was a fool to believe this guy. This was so annoying!

“Oh, it was so funny.”

What’s so funny about it? I was mad that his eyes were filled with tears because he was laughing so hard. I frowned flagrantly.

“Stop laughing.”

Even so, it seemed like he was holding back his laughter because he was scared of my anger. Still, he was so mean. Dranste, who was wiping tears from his eyes, was barely calming down as I kept staring at him with such a sullen look. As he calmed down, he suddenly grabbed his chin with his hand.

“Shall we make a bet?”

“What sort of bet?”

He was speaking something in a way that made him look kinda like he was sleep talking. I was so dumbfounded that I was laughing in vain while Dranste smiled beautifully.

“Why don’t you try to guess who I am?”