Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 281

Chapter 281: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 281

A man was standing here with his daughter, totally awkward…and he thought now’s the right time to show off his sons? Caitel was now straight up staring at him in the face.

“Since they are pretty good at running around now, we play with a ball every weekend and learn horseback riding together! They even bring me water whenever I’m resting because I’m their father. You can’t possibly know how cute they can be. Do you have any idea how much fun it is to play ball with your son? You don’t, do you? Hmph, you are missing out on the finer things in life.”

‘Fine, we get it, Ferdel. Why don’t you stop for now?’

I mean yes, I knew teasing and annoying Caitel were his only real hobbies…but I was starting to get worried now. I didn’t know what he would make me do if he got him angry! If my dad suddenly wanted me to play ball with him, it would be all his fault!

“They’ve even started learning swordsmanship recently. You know our family is practically famous for having trained elite knights for generations, right? Perhaps it’s in their blood. They’re already so amazing. Even my brother called them ‘very talented.’ I suppose this is the joy of raising sons. Don’t you think?”

‘Ugh! Why! You little…! You little, mean bastard!!!’

He asked with a smile on his face, but I really wished I could slap his arrogant face just once. My father didn’t seem to differ much from me in that regard. My father smiled fiercely with his sharp eyes. It was a look that showed how much he wanted to mock Ferdel.

“Is that so?”

… uh-oh… things always get scary when dad smiled like that. I tried to keep my mouth shut and stepped back to avoid this situation, but I didn’t know how he realized it, but Caitel grabbed my arm.

Ugh! Seriously, freedom was something that I wasn’t allowed to have.

I thought that I wanted to disappear in that sharp tension, but dad smiled refreshingly, which was something so unlike him.

“My daughter wants to marry me when she grows up.”


Ferdel’s expression stiffened. Caitel stroked my head and breathed a ‘sigh,’ which did not at all sound like one.

“I’m so worried about how to explain why a parent can’t marry their child.”

“S… Silvia!!”

Ferdel suddenly ran out of the office, taking Silvia beside him.

I was embarrassed, but soon thereafter, I saw my father smiling victoriously; I clicked my tongue. Oh, this pathetic bastard.

Was he happy to win? This man-child was so proud of himself.