Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 279

Chapter 279: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 279

We thought he would be in the Chancellor’s office near Podere Palace, but we saw him in Solay Palace instead.

Of course, he was at my dad’s office.

Silvia also hesitated to interrupt this time, but I proudly opened the door to my father’s office. I would ignore all that!

‘Dad, I’m here!’


My dad looked at me for a moment at the sound of my voice calling out to him, and then he just sighed. He made me feel strange again. What’s with the long face? I thought I knew something, but at the same time, I felt like I also didn’t know much. It’s that kind of weird feeling.

If he said that without even scolding me, then it made me think about what Dranste said.

Nah… he’s like this to everyone. He’s not being kind to just me…right?

My head was showing a troubled expression again and frowned. Because of that, Ferdel, who wisely stopped reporting, opened his eyes wide when he saw the twins behind me.

“Oh, what’s this? Are those my sons I see over there?”


Upon hearing Ferdel’s excited reaction, Valer ran towards him with the same excitement. However, Sanse, shamefully, never let go of Silvia’s skirt. He looked more like a girl in that way. Even now, Sanse was a shy lady enough.

“Daddy, look at this!”

“Oh, that’s my boy! You always look pretty no matter what you’re wearing!”

Ferdel’s mouth hung in his ear while smiling and holding Valer, who ran at him in his arms so did Valer, who boasted and was proud of himself. However, Ferdel was odd too for praising him so much about it.

Just as I thought, their whole family was far from ordinary. Then again…I suppose our family’s pretty out of the ordinary, too.

“What are they doing?”

Caitel frowned while Silvia was greeting him. It seemed that he got annoyed after seeing the boys dress in a woman’s clothes. Meanwhile, the boys’ father, Ferdel, was enjoying it so much. In response to the king asking what kind of craziness this is, I looked at him, showing my confusion as to what exactly is wrong here.

In my opinion, dad’s even worse than them…

However, I didn’t dare to talk this out of my mouth, haha!

One day I wanted to look straight at Caitel’s face and say it. Of course, I would only do that when I was ready to die. Oh, should I try it if I already wanted to kill myself? I thought it’s the fastest and most accurate way of leaving this world. I nodded, deciding I should try it later when I get drunk.