Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 27

No matter what Ferdel cried out to him or how he did so, Caitel turned around heartily. I felt terribly sorry for Ferdel since he looked like a deserted woman. The image of the clean-cut premier of the first meeting had long fallen to the ground. I looked at Ferdel with a sullen gaze different from my imaginary self.

We had to see the true face of people.

I was filled with shock and fear.

“I’ve been swindled!”

Even in front of Caitel, the prime minister, who had been confident in his own opinions, was already out of sight. I heard he’s called the Iron Blood Reaper.

Where’s the iron blood? I couldn’t see it.

“Is that the end of the report?”

“Yes. Oh, no, yes. Your Majesty.”

Ferdel answered and tilted his head for a moment.

“Yes, your Majesty, yes, no. Oh, that’s right.”

He seemed to be confused about whether to speak up or as usual.

What’s wrong?

Privately, they were friends, but publicly, they worked as the emperor and his prime minister.

Couldn’t he speak up to the Lord?

I was thinking he had a concept about the order of rank in a weird way, Caitel picked up a toy lying on the floor.

Uh, my toy!

As I stretched out my hand with a smile, Caitel grinned. The look seemed as if he was considering if he wanted to give it to me or no, so I reached out for dear life. My father, who was full of sadists, threw toys only when his daughter desperately wanted them. You son of a bitch.

‘Papa, give it to me! Give it to me! Hey! Give it to me, you son of a bitch!’

“Just relax. There’s only two of us here.”

“Isn’t your daughter human? It’s three.”

Ferdel lashed out to Caitel while watching me pluck a toy.

He got a nerve.

My feelings were not wrong. How Ferdel speaks made father’s face cold. Due to that sharp look, even I used to grin because I was scared, but I guessed the way a person treated his best friend was different.

Ferdel didn’t care at all about that prickly look at him. My dad seemed to be pissed off by that smile.

What was the deal with their relationship?

It’s as if they’re choking at each other. What the hell were these guys doing?

“You’re not going?”

“Yes. I got no work.”

With a sly smile, Ferdel suddenly raised his hands. What another crazy thing was this? I stared at him with a toy in my mouth, and he gave a shout of joy.

“Wow, it’s a break! Yay! It’s a break!”

What? Was he such a frivolous guy?

I was a little embarrassed. No matter how much I fumbled into the memories I had encountered over the past 10 months, this wasn’t the image I had of him. He’s such a light and frivolous man!

No! This wasn’t the image I had!

A power broker who was pleasant on the outside, but had about 10 dark snakes in his mind and treated everyone with a smile, but behind him, he made a cynical expression, and said, ‘Huh, this world is mine,’ and could control even my father, who was notorious for being a tyrant!

Where the hell was that power broker!?

Hello, Mr. power broker? When I first met him, he seemed like a dark one who would someday betray my father and when that happened, I should save my dad. However, where did the evil spirit went and why was he still flying like a feather?

Damn, I felt like I had been lied to. This wasn’t it!

“When you’re done with it, get out of here.”

Ferdel, who sat on the sofa, leaning back comfortably, was fresh. I had been watching people running away because Caitel broke their spirit down, but this Ferdel even ate cookies brought for Caitel.

Oh, but he’s so frivolous!

“No. You definitely said at the birthday party. If I deal with those people instead of you, you’ll give me the authority to come into this office whenever I want.”

“When did I?”


I guessed he got fooled by my father again. Ferdel stood up with a frown on his face.

Was he stupid? Anyway, if he really got fooled by my dad again, then he’ll be deported from this office soon.

“I knew you would, scammer, so I took this!”

Ferdel took a small piece of paper out of his pocket. I couldn’t see it because it’s too far away. Of course, I also couldn’t read it.

In the middle of this, I sucked the toy so hard Caitel took it away from me.

‘That’s mine! Why are you taking it away from me, man?’

I wanted to bite something because my teeth were itchy all the time, but he took it.

I couldn’t get enough with scratching it.

I felt miserable.

“See! Contract! Look at this!”

Caitel, who had taken my toys and abandoned them, held me back in his arms.

Damn it, was I his toy.

I didn’t understand why he kept hugging me, but Caitel, who stared at Ferdel with an uncanny look, was truly fierce.

‘Yeah, I’ll shut up, Dad. Papa, I love you the best in the world.’

“When the hell are you getting married?”

Uh, was he getting married?

I looked at Ferdel with his eyes wide open. At that moment, Ferdel smiled beautifully.

Uh, uh… he’s so handsome.

“Ahem, next month.”

So he would be married soon. Well, no, wait, more than that…

Something’s mixed up. I looked at Papa. Caitel looked down at me in my eyes. He smiled when our eyes met. Maybe because I had done a lot of cute things, I thought Caitel didn’t love me but liked me enough.

I touched Caitel’s cheek. He hugged me a little higher, so he looked me in the eye.

Badly red eyes. No, now warm red eyes. The threat in his eyes was almost gone now. It might be my own delusion, but I wanted to believe it was.

My dad should have been married like Ferdel and then had me, but he couldn’t. Why did it feel like every normal life was getting out of this guy’s reach?

“I can’t wait to kidnap Silvia and live in my house. I want to have a baby, baby!!”

Ferdel, seeing me and Caitel, yelled and screamed. Caitel’s eyes turned towards him. That was rather fortunate.

I almost cried.

Ferdel walked in between us and smiled.

“You envy me, right? I’m a married man now! I’m married, a married man!”

‘You’re the only one who’s happy to be a married man, probably.’

I had already given up matching Ferdel with the image I had imagined. He’s not the guy I knew. He’s the new guy.

Damn it, my imaginary Chancellor surrounded by darkness! It’s all because of the media. I had seen too many movies.

“Hehe, I’m getting married before you! Jealous? My wife is so pretty and lovely! You envy me more now?”

I think this was a serious show.

Caitel wasn’t generous enough to listen to this boast for a long time. Yeah, soon he held a sword and threatened him in a dismal voice.

“Do you want to die?”


Ferdel’s mouth closed like a clam.

However, Ferdel was not demoralized. He just flinched for a moment.

“Pfft, you won’t even let me brag.”

Still, he listened to him this much. I guessed the two of them really were friends.

I realized, well, that Caitel who did not even listen to Dranste even for a little bit, was listening to Ferdel for quite a long time. Was it a cold city emperor who only cared about his friends?

“I can’t tell Assisi and I can’t tell Dranste. You’re the only one who I can speak about it, and you can’t even take that little pride, you bastard!”

At the moment, Caitel’s eyes flashed.

“Shall I kill you? Just say it.”

“… I want to live, please.”

Caitel was still Caitel. I took my father’s collar in my hand, kicking my tongue a little.

Oh, it’s a little sad that I was used to these arms now.

‘Dad, why don’t you give me over to Serira? I’m so annoyed at you right now, I feel like I’m dying.’

Caitel held me and sat at the opposite side of the sofa where Ferdel was sitting. He laid me in his lap. The big hand holding my shoulder was quite friendly.

“The honeymoon is three days.”

“What? It’s too short! You said you’d let me go at least a week, you crook!”

“No, I can’t because it’s too busy now.”

As soon as he said it, Ferdel sobbed with the cushion next to him.

“I told Silvia we could stay close together for at least a week. You’re so bad! Hey, you bastard!”

‘Are you the baby?’

The real baby was I, but the guy in front of us was more like a baby.

“If you don’t come back on time, I’ll have all your brothers put in for it. Be prepared.”

In a meek reply, Caitel handed me the cookie. I stared at my dad with a dirty look because of the cookie in my hands at the moment.

‘Dad, my teeth had not fully grown yet. I only had two front teeth. What’s your intention in handing this cookie to me? Do you want me to eat like a hamster? Do you want to die?’

“You said I’m the only one in my family worth using. Now you’re gonna use my brothers? Are you crazy?”

“I won’t have the efficiency, but instead, I can create the resentment your brothers have towards you.”

“…that devil.”

As I had heard, unlike the House of Lord Agregiant, and unlike other aristocratic families, the house of Marquis Vietervo of Ferdel was a well-rounded family that led to a kind of close bond between families. The weakness of the House of Marquis Vietervo was family, so the family was what they cherished the most.

Holding the cushion tighter, he spoke with a grim look.

“You’d be the best monster in the world. I admit it.”

He rose from his seat like a zombie. His form of walking to the sobriety door with cushions in his hands looked unrefined What’s wrong with him all of a sudden? I wasn’t the only one to wonder.

“Where are you going?”

Caitel usually did not care about others at all, but unusually, he asked Ferdel where he was going. However, to Ferdel, that sort of attention was unwelcomed.

“I’m going to work because I hate you. Why?”


“Damn it…”

I heard the breath of Ferdel swallowing his swear.