Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 3 - Overbearing Aunt

Chapter 3: Overbearing Aunt

In addition, Yi Tianyun also noticed Crazy Mode. After checking the information, he quickly ask the system “Hey system, what is Crazy Mode?” Yi Tianyun is curious about this Crazy Mode, and the attribute effect was quickly presented.

『Crazy Mode: Can enhance any effect two times! including any refining, consuming any item, attack power, cultivating, gaining exp.』

“At level one it can strengthen two times? If I level up Crazy Mode, how strong will it be?” Yi Tianyun is drooling over this Crazy Mode. This is simply a godly skill!

The effect of cultivating and consuming any items can be doubled, which means that consuming one is equivalent to consuming two! But after seeing the consumption rate below, he frowned, Crazy Mode consumes a Crazy Point every minute!

He is only has 5 Crazy Points at this moment, it will be consumed in the blink of an eye! This point is obtained by killing Fang Chen, and however you see it 5 Crazy Points is just too little.

“Fang Chen is… dead? You, you killed Fang Chen!” after checking Fang Chen’s pulse, Zhao Hao found out that Fang Chen is dead, and startled on the ground.

Yi Tianyun was not surprised by this. He was stabbed to death by his own poison dagger. It’s his fault for raising his hands against Yi Tiangyun first, if at that moment Yi Tiangyun didn’t level up, he probably already died at their hands.

He is so furious, he will never let these three walk away after insultinghis aunt!

Yi Tianyun looked at them, his eyes coldly said “I killed him? He’s the one using poisonous dagger against me, he reap what he sow!”.

“What happened?”

Followed by a scream, disciples from outside rushed in. The first one who rushed in was the disciple of Jade Palace. With Fang Chen lying on the ground with a dagger embedded on his chest,She is startled upon seeing this situation. It looked quite grave.

Meanwhile, Yi Tianyun stood on the side with a long spearnonchalantly, as if the things he has nohing to do with all this.

After a while Shi Xueyun rushing in, because judging from where the screams from she’s aware that it was from the courtyard where Yi Tianyun often practiced, so she rush over as fast as she can. She is shocked after seeing this situation, she knew these three lying on the ground, they are outer disciple who do whatever they please in Jade Palace.

When she saw Yi Tianyun gripping his spear, she immediately knew what happened here and knew that Fang Chen and others were defeated by Yi Tianyun.

“Palace Lord Shi, what happened… Fang Chen!” Then a group of people followed, one of them is Second Elder of Spirit Sect, when they saw Fang Chen on the ground, his expression suddenly changed.

“Little brother!” Someone rushed in quickly, picked up Fang Chen, and checked it a little, and found that Fang Chen was dead!

“He is dead…” Fang Yun filled with anger looking at Yi Tianyun “He is killing my brother!”

The boy in front of him is Fang Chen’s big brother Fang Yun. His cultivation is in higher level than Fang Chen. Now he has reached seventh level of Body Refinement Realm, in the Spirit Sect, he is one of the talented disciple.

“They tried to snatch my Dragon Blood Divine Pill, of course I’m not giving it to them, they attack me, I simply return the favor.” Yi Tianyun looked at them with a long shot and coldly.

“I uh.., we didn’t rob him, that’s a slander… We are just walking around, suddenly he approaches and harrases us…” Zhao Hao on the side began to alter the truth to his convenience, despite of suffering a light injury. He keeps glaring at Yi Tiangyun.

“Yes, he suddenly said that this is his territory, then attacked us. We didn’t retaliate!” Lin Yuan, who was lying next to him, painfully try to get back on his feet, knowing that their elder is here now, they are not afraid of anything.

Fang Yun actually know the truth, Dragon Blood Divine Pill is definitely precious it can enhance blood qi by quite an amount, it’s effect is in fact much more effective on someone with lower level of cultivation, it doesn’t affect you that much when you are already in quite a high level, knowing Fang Chen’s true nature, he definitely want to snatch this Dragon Blood Divine Pill.

When your cultivation is Body Refinement Realm, all you need to do is increase the intensity of energy in your body, and you can breakthrough this realm! The key of Body Refinement Realm just as the name states is by refining the body, to be able to breakthrough this realm.

But of course they won’t admit that their disciples tried to snatch Yi Tiangyun’s Dragon Blood Divine Pill! Especially Fang Chen is already dead, they definitely want their revenge.

“It’s impossible! Our disciple won’t do such thing!” Zhao Hualong, Second Elder of Spirit Sect, stood up and said: “Palace Lord Shi, you need to give us an explanation! We let our excellent disciples join Jade Palace to train, originally we would like to improve the relationship between our factions. I can’t believe this is what we get for trying to get along with your faction. Are you trying to destroy the relationship between our factions?”

Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun try their best to hold their anger. Jade Palace’s disciple are definitely blaming Yi Tianyun, not noticable by naked eye but judging from their expression, they definitely are. Everyone knows that the influence of Spirit Sect is not to be underestimeted. If we make enemies out of them, they won’t let us get away with it.

Shi Xueyun looked at them coldly, she knows everything about Yi Tianyun, he’ll never lay a hand on them unless they provoke him. It’s just as Yi Tianyun said, they want to snatch this Dragon Blood Divine Pill!

It’s just everyone else can’t believe in Yi Tianyun the way she did, including other disciples of Jade Palace. Yi Tianyun never intended to destroy these two factions relationship. Because he know what it means to make enemies out of them.

“What do you want?” Second Elder of Spirit Sect, Zhao Hualong, simply want to take their revenge. He actually doesn’t care about the means.

“I want to have a duel with him!” Fang Yun stood up and looked at Yi Tianyun and said coldly: “You killed my little brother, I want to fight with you for life and death!”

Zhao Hualong said in the side: “Yes, we have cooperated for quite a while. And as we said earlier. Since we didn’t lay hand on him first, we should not be punished! Now you have injured our disciples and killed Fang Chen. It is impossible to let this go. We will choose a fair duel, and of course Yi Tiangyun will be your representative for the duel. Fight in the duel fair and square, regardless of the outcome!”

They said fair but, they all know the predicament Yi Tianyun is in, even if his level of cultivation is not bad, due to blood qi shortage he’ll end up losing, representing Jade Palace to participate in a duel to death, isn’t it the same as suicide?

Shi Xueyun wrinkled Liu Mei and said: “He is not a proper opponent, please choose other disciples.”

Obviously, she can’t let Yi Tianyun duel. His blood qi is really bad, especially just a while ago he trains martial arts for quite a while additionally he fight those three troublemaker, he will definitely collapse. How can she send Yi Tianyun to a duel just to die?

Zhao Hualong sneered: “Palace Lord Shi, he is indeed not a proper opponent, but he has challenged the authority of our Spirit Sect! Are you want to make this matter even worse?” he threatened

“No! Anyone other than him will do!” Shi Xueyun sternly said.

The people of Spirit Sect saw Yi Tianyun standing near them, their eyes showing a bit of disdain, ridiculing him deep down in their heart. No matter how Shu Xueyun covers it up, such information still spreaded outside Jade Palace. That Yi Tianyun is a waste. If he fights, he will definitely die, and thus Jade Palace’s defeat as well.

It’s like everyone here other than Shi Xueyun is Yi Tianyun’s enemy, even the disciple of Jade Palace.

“I kind of know what is going on. If I remember correctly, he should be the son of the former Palace Lord. Rumor said that he has low blood qi and could die at any time. No wonder that Palace Lord Shi does not want him to participate. I also don’t think that winning against a blood-deficient trash like him will prove anything, but now that he is defying the authority of our Spirit Sect. Even if he is trash, We must make an example out of him. Otherwise, everyone else will disrespect us in the future!”

He doesn’t lend an ear to any of Shi Xueyun’s reasoning, Yi Tianyun must participate in the duel no matter what, Snow outside rivaling their level of shamelessness.

Suddenly, a strong aura enveloped Shi Xueyun’s whole body. The surrounding snow was hurled up, and then fell to the ground. Everyone feel an immense pressure coming from her.

The strength of Core Condensation Realm cultivator is nothing to sneer at!

At the next moment, Shi Xueyun quickly flashed in front of Zhao Hualong. Before the latter reacted, she waved and flashed. The sound of slap sounded crisp and mellow, and it was so loud in this courtyard.

After that slap in the face, Shi Xueyun returned to her original position and immediately stand in front of Yi Tianyun. The white dress she wear was slightly afloat, and there was nothing that make her apparel look dirty. The faint fragrance broke into the nose of Yi Tianyun, and it felt very peacefull. And Zhao Hualong has a five-finger print on his face, which is also shaping on his heart.

No one thought that Shi Xueyun would do this and gave Zhao Hualong a slap. A slap not only on his face, but also in his heart, shattering his dignity.

“Palace Lord Shi, what do you mean by this, are you trying to start a conflict?” Zhao Hualong’s short neck redden, he’s furious, but his strength can’t even be compared to Shi Xueyun, all he can do is threatening her.

“I already said my condition, didn’t you hear it? And if Yi Tianyun is trash, then what are those three lying on the ground?” The sound of Shi Xueyun is cold, if Zhao Hualong is not the elder of Spirit Sect. Instead of finger mark he will get palm mark on his face.

Yi Tianyun is her reverse scale, who hurts him, will pay with their life!

Yi Tianyun was shocked by this scene. This is his aunt, who has been standing next to him, who protects him.