Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 287

Chapter 287

Yi Tianyun had a rough idea on where he should buy the rare Soul Accumulating Grass, he doubted that the Star Pavilion would have any, but maybe there will be one on the auction like before.

However, Ye Wan’er beside him still felt guilty because she couldn’t repay Yi Tianyun properly.

“Hey, it is okay! This place was beautiful! I feel lucky enough to get a chance to come here!” Yi Tianyun said while trying to reassure Ye Wan’er. He said it with great honesty, as he doesn’t know any information about the Soul Accumulating Grass before coming here!

“No, I felt useless! If you could enter the Spirit Pagoda, you will benefit more than the Jade Water Deep Pool!” Ye Wan’er said while feeling a little bit sad.

“Come on, you clearly don’t mean anything to go like this, it wasn’t your fault.” Yi Tianyun said while smiling warmly.

Suddenly, a group of cultivators walked toward Ye Wan’er and Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun noticed that the one who led the group was none other than Ye Qingxuan!

Apparently, she came there to check on her sister, for she has just returned.

Ye Qingxuan didn’t recognize Yi Tianyun because of his mask, and Yi Tianyun noticed that Ye Qingxuan didn’t change much except that she was visibly paler than when Yi Tianyun saved her from the cave.

Ye Wan’er waved excitedly while grabbing Yi Tianyun’s hands and dragged him to her sister.

Once they were in front of her sister, Yi Tianyun bowed a little while Ye Wan’er was visibly blushed as her sister saw that Ye Wan’er was holding Yi Tianyun’s hands.

Ye Qingxuan immediately shook Yi Tianyun’s hand and said, “Thanks for saving my sister, I will do anything to repay you as long as it was within my capabilities to do.”

She also scolded Ye Wan’er, “And you, never do that again. I already made the rule which stated that anyone not allowed to leave the hideout on their own, at least they must bring along one partner.”

There was no guarantee that a Spirit Race could stay under the radar while the Netherworld Empire was constantly looking for them, plus the traitor could be lurking around searching for them.

“Sister! I only do a thing that would benefit the Spirit Race! I want to help too, you know!” Ye Wan’er said, defending her action.

Ye Qingxuan was visibly getting angrier facing Ye Wan’er’s stubbornness.

However, a man approached Ye Qingxuan with a nervous face and reported, “Saintess, our people who tried to buy a medicinal pill had been spotted. Therefore their frequent pavilion will no longer sell us any medicinal pill.”

Ye Qingxuan was surprised to hear that report, “No longer sell to us? Oh, it seems Netherworld Empire puts pressure on them, so no one dares to sell their medicinal pill to us.”

The Spirit Race was in dire need of those medicinal pills, and now they were in deep trouble if they couldn’t find any!


‘[Rescue the Spirit Race!] Quest was available!’

‘[Accept] [Reject]’

Suddenly the quest prompt popped out! Yi Tianyun accepted the quest without hesitation!


‘Successfully received the quest [Rescue the Spirit Race!]’

‘Reward on completion: [Spirit Race King] Title!


‘*1st Step: [Overcome the Medicinal Pill shortage!]’

‘Reward: 5.000.000 Exp, 50.000 CPs, 5.000 Pill Refining MPs, 50 Spirit Race Favorability.’

Yi Tianyun was in shock after seeing the reward of the quest! He would become the king of Spirit Race! If he did it right, turning Heavenly Jade Sect into a 3rd Grade Faction would be so easy!