Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 28 - Crushing

Chapter 28: Crushing

He looks coldly at Master Kong. If Master Kong didn’t provoke Yi Tianyun earlier , will there be such an opportunity in Rain Pavilion? Now let alone making profit, they are losing their precious customer.

Master Kong was stunned. At this point how can he think Yi Tianyun is a trash? Even though he saw Yi Tianyun forge a spirit tool firsthand, he still didn’t believe it, and now he found himself speechless after Yi Tianyun forge so many spirit tools.

“Pavilion Lord Liang, I suspect that they are here to spy on us, yes! They’re definitely spies sent by Rain Pavilion!” Master Kong began to talk nonsense, and shifting the blame to Yi Tianyun.

Pavilion Lord Liang already got a glum expression on his face, and now Master Kong still dared to talk his way out of this. Yi Tianyun is clearly from Jade Palace, How could he be a spy from Rain Pavilion? Because real spies won’t associate themselves with any faction. Associating themselves with any faction means becoming enemy of that faction’s enemy as well, it’s not a wise move.

Suddenly, a guard hastily run upstairs in from the outside, panting. The moment he saw Pavilion Lord Liang he shouted: “Bad news!… Rain Pavilion starts selling upper level spirit tool at the price, the price… 50.000 silver lower than ours!”


They’re all stunned, because upper level spirit tool is very rare, so there is no need to lower the price that much. There are only a few possible reason Rain Pavilion reduce the price that much. The first is there are too many upper level spirit tool, and the second is because the demand is too low, causing the price to plummet! And if they don’t reduce it as well they’ll lose more customers.

Because the reputation of Rain Pavilion has skyrocketed, more more people will prefer doing business with Rain Pavilion than Wind Pavilion. The only solution they have is for Palace Lord Liang to negotiate with Rain Pavilion hoping they would stop their tactics to reduce the price.

Even though Rain Pavilion managed to sell a lot of spirit tools, that’s not necessarily the case in the future, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is Wind Pavilion and it has tarnished their name.

If this is considered a fight, this is already a lost for Wind Pavilion, even though there is a possibility to recover in the future a lost is a lost. Moreover, if this keeps up, they won’t even have that chance to recover.

“They reduce the price again, moreover it’s upper level spirit tool this time, the owner of Rain Pavilion is crazy!” it’s getting on Pavilion Lord Liang’s nerve, this situation is far worse than before, it’s not a problem if they only have one or two upper level spirit tool, because Rain Pavilion also had their own stock, but if somehow they have around seven, or even worse a dozen! then this is absolutely bad news for Wind Pavilion…

“Who forges it?” Pavilion Lord Liang hurriedly asked.

“According to our spies over there, the name is Yi Tianyun, disciple of Jade Palace.” The guards reported.

“That guy again!” Pavilion Lord Liang who was holding a cup of tea can’t contain his anger any longer, he screamed and slam the cup to the ground, clank!

Master Kong is so bitter, he didn’t see this coming at all. And all of a sudden the situation is very grave.

“He is also able to forge upper level spirit tool. At that age?” Master Kong is even more frustrated, he didn’t expect to provoke someone so talented.

It’s still a long way to go for Master Kong to reach 4th grade Blacksmith, heck he might never reach it.  And even if he became a fourth level blacksmith, the success rate of creating an upper level spirit tool is still quite low. The most he can do now is forge a middle level spirit tool, and even then he only has 30% success rate!

He is nothing compared to Yi Tianyun!

However, Pavilion Lord Liang did not get angry with Master Kong, and waited for further report.

Not long after the spy hurried back with an astonished face : “He forges three, no, four upper level spirit tools, and they don’t plan to stop just yet, I heard that they will forge more than ten upper level spirit tools…”

They are Wind Pavilion, and from time to time there are several upper level spirit tools, which are already showing off the capital. Those who can create upper level spirit tools are exclusively associated with famous faction!

And at this rate Rain Pavilion’s reputation will skyrocket leaving Wind Pavilion in the dust.

As a faction which specializes in trading, their product’s quality is the priority. Because their product’s quality define their strength as well. Whoever the customer whether a family or a cultivator obviously will buy from a better faction. No wonder Zi Yuwei is very excited. She knows that her business will prosper for quite a while.

“Kong Shengfeng, thanks to you provoking a wrong guy now he got his eyes on us and this disaster happened!” Pavilion Lord Liang stop addressing Master Kong as master and call him with his real name instead, he is so furious, especially when he remembered Yi Tianyun’s words before leaving Wind Pavilion saying that he needs to carefully choose his ally, and he realized it far too late that the one he should favor is Yi Tianyun.

“Pavilion Lord Liang, I…” before Master Kong can finish his sentence, Pavilion Lord Liang waved his hand and interrupted him.

“Say no more, you’re no longer our guest here!” Pavilion Lord Liang immediately banished him. He knew that Yi Tianyun was specifically targeting Kong Shengfeng. If the one he favored at that time is Yi Tianyun, none of this would happen and his business will be as smooth as ever.

Kong Shengfeng is even more bitter now. In the face of the raging Pavilion Lord Liang, he’s showing his killing intent, although it’s not directed toward Pavilion Lord Liang but to Yi Tianyun!

“Then I will take my leave!”

Kong Shengfeng turned and walked away, biting his lips, his face was gloomy, and at the corner, he showed the killing meaning of the sky: “Very well then this is how you want to play this out, i don’t want to get my hands dirty so far, seems like i have no choice now!”

After Kong Shengfeng’s departure, Pavilion Lord Liang did not send someone to apologize, because he thought this will end their feud. But still, they won’t last long if this keeps up.

“There is no choice but to ask for Forging God Sect’s help of, Yi Tianyun! You’re a hundred years too early to teach me!” Liang Tiancheng is furious. He doesn’t care anymore, he doesn’t care whose fault is this, what’s important is to find solution and he’ll definitely fight back.